Bad sports get spanked

When my close friend Kenny and I were both 12 years old, we ended up one day both getting spanked by my mother. Kenny and I were on a Little League team together and we had just lost a close game to a rival outfit.

We were both disgruntled about several calls by the umpire, and reckoned we would have won the game if we hadn’t had to play against nine kids and the umpire. Mom overheard Kenny and I complaining and said: “Well, I reckon you boys didn’t play a perfect game either. You need to give credit to the other team for their efforts. Johnny, I’ve always taught you to play fair and not be a bad sport, no matter what.”

A boy from the rival team overheard her and said: “Well, ma’am your two boys have been telling us the umpire helped us ever since the game finished.” Mom was really angry when she heard that, and told us, right in front of everyone: “I’m taking you two boys home for a good spanking!”

We were very subdued boys in the car on the way home. Mom led us into the lounge and said: “I meant what I said, boys. It’s a bare bottom spanking for you both, over my lap!”

Kenny piped up: “You can’t spank me – you’re not my mom!” My mother replied: “Well, I bet if I told your mom all about your behaviour, Kenny, I expect she’d tan your hide too, don’t you?” Kenny pouted but was silent, and Mom went on: “If you’re not prepared to be punished by me, I’m not going to let you come around here to see Johnny any more. Is that what you want?”

Kenny shook his head, then looked at the floor. “Well, in that case, you can be first. Come here, you naughty boy!” Kenny approached slowly, and when he got in front of my mom she opened his pants, pulled them down and followed them quickly with his undies. Mom took Kenny across her knee, held him tight and began to spank him with her hand. I was frankly surprised that she wasn’t using the belt.

I got good views of my friend’s bare bottom and genitals as he wriggled and cried across my mother’s lap, begging for the spanking to end. She gave him about 40 very hard swats, then stood him up between her legs, pants still at his ankles, hugging and shushing him. “There now, all over now honey, you’re done. Thank you for being such a good friend to my son.”

She pulled up Kenny’s clothes. “You get yourself home now, because I still have to spank Johnny.” Kenny needed no second bidding after the sore bottom my mother had just given him, and we were soon alone.

“Johnny, come and sit on my lap for a minute.” Mom cuddled me close and said: “Kenny was a really good friend to take a spanking rather than be banned from this house. But I want you to know that I didn’t really mean that – I would never ban a friend of yours from coming over. Understand?” I nodded.

“Now then, I just used my hand on Kenny’s bottom because I didn’t want to leave marks for his mom to see. But you, young man, deserve the belt and that’s what you are going to get.”

She stood me up, took my belt from my pants, then bared my bottom. I was taken across that wide maternal lap and I was given 20 hard lashes with the belt across my naked backside. I cried rivers – partly from the pain, but also because I felt guilty about being a bad sport.

Like Kenny, after it was all over I was stood up and gathered into her bosom, and Mom hugged and kissed me. My bottom hurt so much – but the spanking had mysteriously also made me feel very loved, too. Eventually, Mom helped me cover up and put me to bed early.

When I ran into Kenny the next day, he told me that my mom was a good spanker, but that he had also played with himself thinking about what had happened. I confessed that I had too.

Contributor: John

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