Rump roast at the BBQ

Surprisingly, I wasn’t spanked at home as a kid. I say surprisingly, because we’re talking about the 1970s in suburban Texas, where nearly every child was familiar with a sore bottom from their mom or dad.

Even at the age of five years old, I knew I was ‘into’ spanking. Maybe it was the ritual, maybe it was the intimacy of having your bottom bared, but I was fascinated by corporal punishment from an early age. Maybe if I had been spanked at home, and tasted the harsh reality of a sore behind, I might not have gone on to eroticise CP. In that respect, I’m grateful that my parents never laid a hand on me.

That said, I sure saw a lot of spanking. Perhaps the most memorable was watching my niece getting her bottom thoroughly tanned by her mother at a family BBQ. She was eight years old at the time, and I was 19. My brother is 13 years older than me and he started a family when I was still six years old.

On the day of this particular BBQ, held at my parent’s home, my sister-in-law was already in a bad mood with her kids. One of the children had already been spanked that morning, I believe, and my sister-in-law told both my niece and her brothers that they would be next if they didn’t buck up their ideas.

The flashpoint came when my brother had to step away from the party for a little while to do some work. After a little while, my niece began to complain and have a hissy fit because she wanted her daddy. My sister-in-law took her to one side for a moment and began to scold her, but my niece’s reaction was to start cussing up a storm.

Now, of all the things my family have never tolerated from their children, cussing would be pretty much top of the list. As I say, my sister-in-law was pretty much already riled up and she wasn’t going to let an incident like this pass. She grabbed her little girl and marched her over to one of the picnic benches Mom and Dad have in their garden. My niece was hollering and howling, but her mom kept a tight hold on her.

Then jeans came down, panties too, and my niece’s bare bottom was out under the sun. Her mom began spanking her hard and fast, one hand pinning her down over the table while the other hand was at the ‘business end’.

As I mentioned at the start, this was an era when bare-bottom spankings, even in public, were far from uncommon, and none of the adults – except myself – really took a great deal of notice at the maternal discipline being meted out in one corner of the garden. The only remark came from my mom. She turned to my dad and although she didn’t really approve of spanking, she said: “At least maybe this will clear the air and we can all enjoy our hot dogs now!”

After a few smacks, everyone else looked away – except me. I looked on, fascinated by that cute little bare bottom turning red under her momma’s spanks, and my niece’s wriggling and crying as the discipline – maybe 50 or 60 hard whacks – was administered.

A little later, I left everyone else outside while I went indoors to find the naughty girl. She was in my bedroom, lying face down on the bed, and still crying. I gave her back a little rub to comfort her, and the crying was reduced to sniffles. I asked how she was and she told me her bottom hurt bad. I told her: “You need to be a good girl, then your momma won’t need to spank that pretty little behind of yours.” My scolding was met with renewed tears and a big old glare as the little girl rolled on her side. I just shrugged and said: “You’d better carry on crying, then. Let me tell you, you got what you deserved!”

It’s been over 30 years since that summer’s day, and I still touch myself to the memory of that spanking.

My niece is a grown woman now, with kids of her own. Perhaps not surprisingly, she’s never spanked them. However, I did get great pleasure not so long ago from telling her children about how their momma got her bare butt tanned in Nanna and Grandpa’s garden, all those years ago. And next time we were all there for a family BBQ, I saw them checking out the picnic tables where that little girl got her comeuppance.

As for me, I still have a fantasy about being bent over one of those tables and being soundly spanked myself. However, I don’t think it’s ever going to happen!

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