Pride before a fall

Editor’s note: This account has been added to following further information from our original correspondent.

I have written before about growing up in New York City, and the two African-American mothers who spanked me and my friend Mario. We often fantasised about being spanked by the other’s mother.

Mario and I were good friends, but we didn’t attend the same school – plus he was a year younger than me. Nevertheless, I went to his house many times after school so we could do our homework together, or play games.

On this day, when I arrived at his house, my mom was there, chatting and having coffee with his Mario’s mother. I was a better student than Mario so I never got into trouble about grades but on this occasion, his mom asked me why I didn’t help her son with his school work. My mom also had a quizzical look on her face, as she could see the logic of the question. I felt trapped, but in the end answered honestly that Mario refused my help, because he was embarrassed about not being smart enough.

The next question threw me off. Both mothers asked why I had never told either of them about Mario refusing help. I told them both that friends don’t tattle to the other’s mom about stuff.

Needless to say, the grown-ups didn’t see it quite the same way. I was told that there were some things friends must reveal to a parent, such as dangerous or illegal behaviour, or things that could affect future success in life, like academic work.

“Maybe you just like being smarter than Mario?” my mom suggested. I denied feeling that way, but Mom had that telltale look of making her lap wider, whenever she got ready to spank one of us. I began to cry as she beckoned me toward her and reached out to pull my pants and undies down to my knees.

Mom’s voice was kind, soft but firm. She said: “I’m proud of you for being a good friend to Mario, son, but there are limits and you need to learn those limits.”

So, over her lap I went, and Mario’s mom came to her side to hold my hands down so I couldn’t cover my bottom. To my relief, Mom didn’t ask to use for the belt Mario’s mom always wore. Instead, she gave me a very fast hand spanking which didn’t even hurt that much. Nevertheless, I was ashamed of my behaviour (and having my bottom bared in company) so I cried just as hard as I did when Mom gave me the belt. As Mom administered the spanking, I kept looking at that thick belt around Mario’s mom’s waist. I knew it would soon be taken to Mario’s behind for being too proud in such an important matter.

Finally, mom stopped spanking me and put me on her lap for a hug and a kiss and made me promise to tell on Mario in the future. I promised, even though I knew in my heart I could never do that. I just did not want to get in more trouble and be belted.

Not long after my own spanking, Mario arrived home and was confronted by the two mothers. My mom agreed to hold Mario while his mother gave him a sound whipping. I felt bad for my friend, but must admit I got a hard-on in my pants as I watched him being punished by our parents.

I think my mom felt sorry for Mario so she suggested that he not be whipped with the belt for once, but that he might benefit from a long hand spanking like I had just received from her. His mom agreeds.

Mario was placed gently over his mom’s lap. Usually, my mom would have held Mario’s hands down to control him but this time she simply sat close so my friend could put his arms around her waist and bury his face in her breasts for comfort while he was being punished.

Then his mom told him: “Young man, you’re lucky to be not getting the belt this time – but you might not feel that way afterwards. as this spanking is going to be one of the longest of your life.” She raised her hand and I had the image engraved in my mind of being able to see Mario’s genitals just before his mother’s hand swatted his bare backside for the first time.

Poor Mario began to cry a great deal as her hand descended again and again. It was not really a hard spanking but she managed to cover every part of his naughty behind while his balls swung from the impact.He squirmed so much that my own mom scolded him and gave his bottom a swat with her hand too, telling to get back over her lap.

My eyes went back and forth between Mario’s bare bottom and his genitals, to his mother’s large muscular legs and attractive bare feet as she spanked him seemingly forever.

Finally it was over, though. Mario was was hugged and kissed by both moms and allowed to snuggle against their breasts as he had a good cry. The proximity of his face to those warm breasts, coupled with the warmth in his behind, had its own effect on my friend and I suddenly noticed he had a little stiffy too. Both moms noticed the erection and chuckled to each other and teased my friend a little, saying: “That wasn’t too bad, now, was it?”

For his part, Mario promised to ask me for help with his homework in future – although in fact he never did.

Witnessing that spanking has left it with a special place in my fantasies, and I often re-enact them with help from a lady friend, when she is amenable.

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