Attracting a spanking

When I was 14, my best friend was Jordan, who was a year younger than me. He himself had two younger brothers, 11 and nine at the time of this story.

One day, I was over at Jordan’s house after school, with his brothers, playing video games. After a little while, their Mom arrived back from work. We were all from an African-American background, and I must admit I had something of a crush on the boy’s mother – she had beautiful glossy black hair, and real ‘come to Mama’ boobs.

When the mother came home, she padded around the house for a few minutes with an air of disapproval, and I wondered what was up. Finally, she went into her bedroom (which was directly across from the family room) and I heard her call her youngest into her room. He hung his head and took his sweet time going there, and obviously knew he was in trouble.

As Jordan and I continued to play our game, I heard his mother yelling at his little brother – from what I could gather, it was all about his chores not being done. Then I heard: “Take off your pants.” The boy replied ‘no’ and his mom hit the roof and just yelled ‘now!’ in the loudest, scariest voice I ever heard.

It was at that point that I realised I was getting a hard-on in my briefs. I was still at an age when erections were unpredictable and difficult to control but I was definitely getting turned on. My penis got harder as the sound of smacking came through the partially open door – from the sound, I could tell that the boy was definitely getting it on his bare bottom.

Jordan’s brother began to cry and pleaded for his mom to stop, but she kept on spanking that bare bottom all right, and I felt myself getting stiffer and stiffer as I listened to the punishment. After a few more smacks, his mother stopped and her son emerged from the room, his face wet from crying and holding his bottom through his now-replaced pants. He managed a weak smile to his siblings and me and said something like: “It wasn’t too bad – she only used her hand.”

I told my friend I had to go home, and that night I masturbated three times, replaying that boy’s spanking in my head and imagining what it must have looked like, were I a fly on the wall. I guess you could say that was definitely the day I found out I had a spanking fetish!

A few days after that, I managed to get into conversation with the middle brother and steered the conversation around to spankings. He said he didn’t get his bottom spanked too often but both Jordan and his younger brother got done quite a bit. He also mentioned that Jordan got the belt rather than his mom’s hand. I felt my penis twitch in my pants again and for all he was my friend, I really wanted to get Jordan spanked for something.

A couple of months later, my parents had to go away for the weekend, and I convinced them to let me stay at Jordan’s. I went over on the Friday evening. Their mom was making dinner, but called me into the kitchen.

“Now, Kenny, while you’re in my house, you follow the house rules, OK?” I nodded. “The boys all have chores to do and I want you to help them. Also, curfew is nine o’clock sharp – no exceptions, understand?” I nodded again. “Good, now call the boys in because it’s time to eat.”

I decided that the best way to get Jordan spanked would be for us to break curfew. That seemed to be potentially the most serious offence. So the next evening, I persuaded Jordan and the middle brother to come down to the mall and hang out. I was hoping they would lose track of time – and they did. By the time they realised, it was already nine, and it was about a 15-minute bike ride home.

Sure enough, when we got back to the house, their mom was waiting for us – and, boy, was she mad! She sat us all down on the couch and must have lectured us for a solid 10 minutes or so. Then she said: “Anyway, I’m done talking. All you boys are gonna get a good whipping.”

I was shocked beyond words, but finally managed to say: “Please, I don’t get spanked at home.” Which was true – at least, now I was 14! The mom turned on me with a face like thunder. “Well, child, you do here. Your momma told me to treat you like one of my own while you were staying with us, and that’s exactly what I’m gonna do.”

This was not how I intended things to go. “I don’t wanna be spanked!” I objected. “You should have thought about that before,” the mother retorted. “I’m too old!” “You’re old enough to be breaking rules, though, ain’t you, honey? You’re getting your bottom warmed, just like my two.”

That was the end of the debate. She went into her room, then called Jordan’s brother in. “Take off your pants!” Despite my fear, I felt the erection begin to form in my undies. “Please, Mom, not the belt!” “Lay down on the bed.”

He must have obeyed because the next thing I heard was the belt hitting his bare bottom. The boy was crying uncontrollably after just the first stroke. I felt a bit bad now for getting him spanked, but I had my own problems to think about. After about 10 swats, the boy came out of the room and went straight to his bedroom, where he had been sent by his mother. He hadn’t bothered to replace his pants or underwear and I got a good view of his reddened bottom.

After a couple of minutes, Jordan’s name was called and he went in, already looking visibly upset and and scared. I heard the same routine unfold in the bedroom. I heard Jordan plead that it wasn’t his fault but the instruction was the same: “Pants off and lie down on the bed!”

Then I heard the now familiar sound of the leather hitting bare skin. Jordan began to cry after about five, and after five more he was bawling like a spanked toddler. It was at this point that my erection subsided out of sheer fear and I wet myself a little bit from sheer fear. Jordan got five more and then I saw him come out and go to the room we were sharing for the weekend. Like his brother, he didn’t have anything on his lower half, and his bottom was really red.

Finally: “Kenny, come on in here!” I was scared out of my wits but had no choice to obey. I went into the room and Jordan’s mom was standing by the bed, a doubled-over belt in her hand. There were two pillows stacked on the middle of the bed, where the children had had to lie down, and I noticed that there was a wet spot on the top one. Clearly, the belt had hurt so much that the other boys had wet themselves a little during the spanking too.

As with the other boys, I was told to take off my pants. I had expected my underwear to follow, and was somewhat grateful when she told me to lie down on the bed with the pillows under my bottom. However, as soon as I was in position, I felt her hands in the waistband of my underpants and these were slipped down to my knees. Jordan’s mom hitched up my shirt to reveal my bare bottom and my shame was complete. I was so embarrassed, I began to cry, but she told me to hush up, and that I would soon have something to cry about.

With my bare bottom raised by the pillows, she had a perfect target. I felt the leather being briefly placed across my buttocks and then it came down hard. The sting of that first lick alone drew water from my eyes. I must have moved after the second stroke, because she ordered me to lie still. I don’t remember how many I got – probably 15 like Jordan – and when I was finally allowed to rise, sure enough the wet patch on the pillow had gotten a little bit bigger.

She gave me a brief lecture as I stood there before her, my bottom and private parts clearly on show to anyone who might happen to walk past the window, then I was hugged and my face placed against the generous cleavage of her bosom. With my face against the warm flesh of her breasts, I was aware I was getting a semi on, so I hastily hitched up my clothes and was ordered to join my friend in his bedroom.

My bottom ached all that night, but that didn’t stop me jerking off into a tissue after Jordan had gone to sleep, as I replayed those torrid few minutes over those pillows.

Contributor: Kenny

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