Buying the belt

In my previous story, I mentioned that the belt I used on my son that day had originally been purchased for his older sister’s backside. I thought perhaps the story of why I bought that belt for Rebecca might also interest your readers.

She was 12 years old, and a serious rebellious streak seemed to over take her. While she was never a perfect angel, Rebecca usually went fairly long stretches between spankings – but suddenly she earned five of them in about three weeks. My frustration was growing with her, and finally came the day which proved the final straw.

We had a pool in our backyard, and I had a very strict ‘no swimming unsupervised’ rule for my kids. I was busy doing some housework, Rebecca was at her friend Mary’s house and Sam was with his father. At some point, the girls decided they wanted to go swimming and headed back to our house. However, I was busy and told them they would need to wait an hour or so.

They slunk away, a bit pouty, and I continued with my tasks. Then, I happened to walk by the back door and saw the two of them in the pool.

I saw red. I have rarely, if ever, been as upset with one of my children as at that moment. I stormed out of the back door, ordering the girls out of the pool that very instant. I gave them both several hard smacks on their wet bottoms before drying them off roughly with a towel and getting them both into my car.

I drove the few blocks to Mary’s house, walked her up to her door and handed her over to her mother with a quick explanation. I then headed right back out to the car – but instead of heading home, I went into town. I left Rebecca in the car while I popped into a local men’s store and bought the thickest, heaviest leather belt they had.

I then took my daughter straight back home and up to her room. I removed her swimsuit, stacked two pillows on her bed, then ordered her to lie over them, the pillows raising her bottom to the correct height for whipping.

I brought 20 hard licks down across my daughter’s bottom, then 20 more across her thighs. Then I repeated both doses, all delivered at a steady speed and very hard.

Rebecca sobbed and cried her eyes out but I showed her no mercy. After I had whipped her, I told her to get her little butt dressed because she was going to do some chores for the next two hours. There would be no supper for her that night.

Then I added the worst part for her. “You and my hairbrush will be having a long conversation tonight. You’re in for a bedtime spanking you won’t soon forget.”

So it was that I took her pyjamas down that night and applied that brush to her bare, already scalded nether regions, until I was certain she would not be sitting down comfortably for a good few days to come.

It was a harsh punishment, and some might say I overreacted. However, Rebecca’s streak of getting in trouble came to an immediate stop and it was over a month she next needed a spanking.

Contributor: Janice

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