Wet panties in church

I’m a mother of two and I do spank – and I was frequently spanked myself while growing up. One of the worst, and most embarrassing, spankings I ever got was at the age of eight.

I had spent all of that Sunday morning dragging my feet in getting ready for church. Finally, my mom had to ‘encourage’ me by applying around half a dozen sharp smacks to the back of my dress, and I was hurried out of the door without ever going to the bathroom.

During the church service, I became aware that I really, really had to pee. However, I didn’t get up and go to the bathroom to relieve myself – I don’t really know why, sometimes kids are weird. I thought I could managed to hold it in until the break before Sunday school – until I realised I couldn’t.

Sure enough, I wet my panties and dress at church, and people saw. Needless to say, my mom was not happy. She swatted my butt as hard as she could a couple times, right in the middle of service, before dragging me downstairs by my arm, intent on some serious discipline.

She got a hairbrush out of her purse, and I got my first ever hairbrush spanking on my bare behind. It probably wasn’t actually that long, but it felt like it lasted forever.

After I had been thoroughly disciplined, Mom cleaned my bottom and front up with some baby wipes. Of course, I had no clean clothes, so I was left in a corner, crying, bare bottomed and indeed more or less naked apart from my vest and socks, while my mother went to see what could be done.

She eventually came back with some clothes she had borrowed from the minister’s wife – they had a daughter around the same age as me.

Ignoring my crying, Mom bustled me into the unfamiliar clothes, then proceeded to give me a second spanking. Now with a very sore bottom indeed, I was marched out of church sobbing and straight into the car – right past everyone who was socialising after the service. Everyone knew what I had done – and the price I had paid for it.

I was humiliated but harsh as the punishment was, it taught me not to waste time before church and to make sure I went to the bathroom before the service.

Nevertheless, everyone knowing you had wet your pants and had the hairbrush applied to your bare backside was highly embarrassing, and I got teased about it by both adults and other children for a few weeks. Eventually, however, everyone seemed to forget about the incident – except for me and my bottom!

Contributor: Janice

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