Uncle William’s belt

When I was 16, I went to my Uncle William’s house to visit for a couple of weeks.  He and Aunt Harriet were special to me – I had never stayed there that long, and was looking forward to my visit. 

Once there, I got to know the neighbours’ kids and we had a great time playing at a park which was just a block and half away. We got there late one day and found the baseball diamond in use – but chanced upon an area where we thought we could take turns hitting and catching the ball. 

It was while I was at bat that I hit the longest ball I had ever smacked in my whole lifetime. Unfortunately, it went over the fence, bounced on the road and eventually hit the side window of a car. It didn’t do any damage but the owner of the car came over, herded us all together and took us home. 

My uncle and aunt were not impressed with my baseball skills. My aunt took me by the ear and marched me down to Uncle William’s workshop in the basement.

My aunt told me: “You, young man, are going to be punished for being so careless – you’re about to receive a good learning experience. It’s a good dose of the belt for you!”

Well, I hadn’t been spanked in a couple of years by that time, although I was pretty used to my mother using a hairbrush on my bare bottom, with me over her lap. That hurt like heck, and I would be bawling my eyes in no time as my behind turned bright red under the rapid-fire smacks. 

Anyway, you can imagine the shame I felt when my Aunt Harriet proceeded to pull down my pants and underwear to my ankles, then made me bend over a wooden table. She ordered me to spread my legs as far as they would go, then took me by the hands to hold me down.

I’m still not sure whether it was the fear of the imminent belting, or the embarrassment of my aunt seeing my private parts, but I quickly developed an erection. My uncle noticed this but only said: “You won’t be so excited once I’m done with you, boy.”

Then, to my terror, I saw Uncle William removing his belt from his pants. I had never been spanked with a belt before but I heard how painful it was from friends who had. I began to apologise again desperately but Uncle William told me to be quiet.

“The time for apologies has passed,” He said. “I’m going to give you two strokes of the belt for every year of your age. The first 16 will be easier and the last 16 will be very hard for you.”

With that, he folded over the belt and snapped it a few times before I felt it being tapped a couple of times against my bare buttocks. I don’t remember him swinging it but I do remember the loud crack it made it made when it hit my bare bottom, and then the incredible pain that roared through my rear end. 

I was too shocked to do anything but gasp and the first tears filled my eyes. The second stroke fell lower on my bottom and hurt even more. Now I yelled out and wriggled but was firmly held in place by Aunt Harriet.

“Don’t go easy on the boy, Bill,” she said to my uncle. “He needs to learn a lesson!”  Hearing that I cried out again but almost before I could get it out I felt the belt again, this time even harder. I wriggled my bottom to try and protect it but my aunt held me down firmly in place.

The next swats were horrific and I was bawling like a baby after them. My legs were trembling and anything I tried to say just came out of my mouth all garbled. As my uncle had predicted, my erection was now a thing of the past and my legs trembled uncontrollably. 

Then I heard him say: “Brace yourself, boy – these next 16 are going to teach you a real lesson.” He unfolded the belt, took a step back and swung the leather as hard as he could against my already throbbing backside. 

I let out a shriek. Aunt Harriet said: “I think you’re getting through to him, Bill, but stop being so gentle with him – teach him a real lesson!”

Another stroke came across my butt and then the third one landed right at the base of my buttocks and the top of my thighs. I thought I was going to die – my whole body trembled and I cried and coughed and howled with pain. 

“Do you have the boy tight, Harriet?” “Yes, Bill – make them count!”

The remaining strokes came in rapid fire succession and they hurt so bad, I couldn’t even scream. I twisted to one side but in doing so accidentally exposed my genitals and the tip of the belt grazed my balls. I looked down and saw some urine dribbling from my shrivelled penis – I had wet myself with the pain.

Aunt Harriet looked down on the puddle at my feet. “That seems to have made an impression on you. That’s what happens to naughty boys who can’t take the punishment they deserve!”

I stood there, my pants knotted around my ankles, and hopped up and down, bawling my eyes out and not knowing whether to grab my bottom or genitals. Uncle William replaced his belt around his pants and he and my aunt withdrew – though not before telling me to go to my room.

When they left, I pulled my jeans up over my now red-hot butt and gingerly tucked my cock and balls into my briefs, with everything throbbing in pain. 

I shuffled up to my room and quickly pulled my pants and underwear down again and looked in the mirror. My bottom and upper thighs were redder than anything I had ever seen and I could see bruises on my upper thighs. I pulled my pants off and lay face down on my bed, naked from the waist down and crying hard as my behind and genitals throbbed from the thrashing. 

I must have fallen asleep eventually, because the first thing I knew Aunt Harriet was standing over me, looking at my chastised bottom. “Get yourself dressed and come down to supper,” was all she said.

It still hurt to pull my jeans up but I went down to supper. I started to cry again as I sat down on the hard wooden chair. Uncle William looked up. “Well, it looks like that whipping taught you lesson, boy,” he said. Aunt Harriet nodded grimly in agreement.

The meal was agony to sit through and as soon as it was over, I went back upstairs, stripped from the waist down and again lay face down on the bed, where I again fell asleep, this time until morning.

The next day some of the redness has disappeared but my bottom was still sore to the touch and sitting was still a nightmare. I went outside and met some of the other kids. It turned out that they too had been soundly spanked and we spent a very subdued day together. 

It took a couple of days for my bottom to get to a point where it was still pink but didn’t hurt as much. The whipping meted out by my uncle and aunt taught me an important lesson, and I was always very careful of my behaviour at their house from that time onwards.

Contributor: Uther

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