Through the window

I once went to great pains (no pun intended) to witness an extremely severe spanking given by my friend’s mother. It wasn’t my friend that got the spanking but his older sister, who I despised. The plan sort of backfired on me – I thought I would enjoy watching her get spanked, but the punishment was so severe I actually felt sorry for the girl, and I don’t think any child should have to go through something like what I saw.

I was nine or maybe 10 years old. My friend was around the same age, while his sister was 14. To her, this age difference made her the queen and us the kids she could boss around, or be mean to anytime she wanted. She was especially mean to her brother and I hated her for that.

They were raised by their mom, as their father had left them when my friend was just a baby. Their mother was was known to be very strict and over the years, my friend and I shared many stories of the spankings he and his sister received from their mom, or those given out to myself and my siblings by my own mother. These experiences were something we had in common and somehow brought us together even closer as friends.

I used to feel really sorry for my friend when he told me he had been given a sore bottom, but I was gleeful any time he reported his sister being on the end of a spanking.

A little background – my uncle was a truck driver and used to have girlie magazines in his vehicle. I would occasionally take a couple of them and trade them to my friend for firecrackers – which his family used to get when they took trips to a neighbouring state, since they were illegal where we lived.

One day, when his sister was really ugly with us, I got mad and said to my friend: “You know, I would really love to see your mom tear her bottom up.” He grinned and said: “You know, I think I could make that happen if you’re willing to part with a couple more of your uncle’s magazines.” I told him that if he could make that happen, I’d steal five of them for him and we both laughed.

About a month went by, and I had forgotten all about that conversation, when one late afternoon I got a call from my friend, telling me to meet him at our ‘fort’ – actually just a few boards pushed up in this abandoned field where we used to hang out. So I met him there. He said: “Do you remember our deal about if I could get you to see my sister being spanked?” I nodded. “Well, do you still want to make that deal?” “Sure!”

“I’m almost positive she’s going to get done tonight when Mom gets home from work. I overheard them talking on the phone – something about her and her boyfriend. It was so loud, I could hear Mom say she was going to let her have it when she got home.”

Obviously, this news made me very happy – but I asked: “How am I supposed to see it? “I have that figured out. Mom always takes us to our rooms when she spanks us. It will be dark when she gets home and I can adjust the curtains in my sister’s window so that you can see in. We can go and do that right now to make sure. There’s a bush by the window outside her bedroom that will hide you perfectly and you should be able to see all of it.”

I was thrilled. “Are you gonna come watch with me?” “No, I need to be in the house. If Mom’s that mad, I don’t want to do anything that would end in me getting a sore butt too.”

Anyway, we set up a signal. When his Mom was just about home, my friend would ring my phone once, then immediately hang up. He would repeat the signal a minute later. It was all very ‘secret agent stuff’, which I guess appealed to two young boys even more.

We went back over to his house and my friend went inside, after instructing me to go around to his sister’s bedroom window. When I got there he opened the window slightly so we could talk. As he adjusted the curtains, he told me to tell him when I could see the whole room with as small a gap as possible. I felt just like a spy! Once we were all set, I headed home, as it was getting to about dinner time at my house. I told my friend I would listen for his secret code!

By the time I’d had dinner it was about 6.30. I knew my friend’s mom generally returned from work around seven. I was both excited and nervous and went to my room, telling my parents I was going to go do my homework. Time crept by – you could almost hear the second hand on the clock. Then, all of a sudden, the phone rang. Just the once. I felt my heart race. A minute later, off it goes again. Just the one ring. It was our secret signal – the spanking was on!

I didn’t know how much time I had so I quickly climbed out of my bedroom window and jogged most of the way to my friend’s house. I snuck around the side and behind the bush. I couldn’t see anything – it was really dark outside and the girl’s bedroom was dark too. I sat there with my heart racing with excitement at the prospect of witnessing this girl I hated getting spanked.

After about 10 minutes, I heard a car pull up in their driveway. The vehicle’s door opened and shut, followed by the house door. I heard voices but couldn’t tell what was being said.

Then the voices were raised and now I could clearly make out the conversation. My friend’s mom was telling her daughter: “I can’t believe you would do that with a boy at your age – I raised you better than that! I am so ashamed and upset with you – do you know what that can lead to?”

I heard a lot of apologies coming from the girl but her Mom shut her down every time she tried to say something, and it was clear the parent was getting madder and madder. I then heard what I was waiting for. “Get to your room, right now! You are going to get the paddling of your life, young lady!”

Although the voices were loud, I had to have my face firmly planted against the girl’s window to hear clearly. I suddenly heard the girl running down the hall and the door open. Then her light came on, almost blinding me. I jumped back for fear of being seen, but when I looked up there was just a thin line of light coming through the crease in the curtains.

I slowly moved back up to where I could see in. With the light on, I could see everything perfectly in there. I saw my friend’s sister sitting on her bed – she was wearing a pair of jeans and a red top. her face was really flushed and her eyes were filled with tears. I almost started feeling sorry for her at that point.

Then her mom came in, slams the door shut and when she turns around I can see she has a wooden spanking paddle in her hand. The girl tried again to apologise, but again she was cut short. “I don’t want to hear a word out of you – I am so upset with you right now! I can’t believe you got caught naked with that boy – get over here!”

I missed what mom said next, but she must of told her daughter to pull down her pants, because that’s what she did. She unbuttoned her jeans and pulled them over her hips, letting them fall to her ankles. Her mom was half facing me and her daughter was facing her, so I had a perfect view of the girl’s bottom. She carried a little bit of extra weight and most of it was in her behind, encased in little bikini cotton panties with pink stripes on them.

The panties didn’t cover her buttocks entirely, as her cheeks were very full and pushed out below the lines of her underwear. Then her mother leant forward and grabbed the sides of the girl’s panties, pulling them down forcefully. “These too!” she shouted.

Mom didn’t waste any more time with a lecture, but pulled her daughter towards her and began applying the paddle while she stood, whacking it down on to the girl’s bare cheeks. The sound was like gun shots going off, and my eyes grew to the size of saucers.

The girl tried to reach back to block the paddling, but moms are experienced in stopping children from doing that and she had no trouble controlling the girl. My friend’s sister began to scream and cry, but her mother had her pinned and she wasn’t going anywhere. I looked at her bottom as the paddle kept landing over and over – it was now bright red, and getting a deeper shade of crimson all the time.

The girl was almost hyperventilating by now with the pain. I, in turn, was getting really uncomfortable with what I was seeing – I couldn’t believe how hard she was being spanked. However, her mom continued with the punishment – her daughter’s bottom bounced and now, each time the paddle hit home, it left a white mark, which I’m pretty sure was the precursor to some impressive bruising.

Nevertheless, I continued to watch. Eventually, the mother decided her daughter had had enough. The girl was crying uncontrollably, holding her bare bottom in her hands and trying to make the pain go away. Her backside was literally shaking. Mom started in with a verbal lecture again, maybe for another 10 minutes. Her daughter never stopped crying the whole time.

I assumed it was over – but all of a sudden, my friend’s mom raised the paddle again and the spanking continued. Her daughter by now was screaming her head off and crying hard.

I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. OK, I didn’t like the girl but this punishment was too much – it wasn’t right. I honestly felt very sorry for her. I continued to watch her mom raises the paddle again and the smacks started all over again. The second spanking was even longer than the first, and the girl’s bottom was just a puffy, swollen mess when it finally ended. Her mom weighed in with a final lecture, then pointed to the bed, to which the girl scurried hurriedly, still crying her eyes out.

At that moment my friend’s mom looked at the window – and I nearly had a heart attack. Could she see me? I realised that there was no way she could and relaxed again. Then the light went out in the room and all I could hear was this poor, spanked girl crying.

I quickly found my way out of the bush and ran home as fast as I could, climbing back in through my window. I don’t think I slept at all that night because I was thinking about what I had seen.

Something changed in me that night. From then on, even when my friend’s sister was mean to us, I always tried to be nice to her. I had thought I would have enjoyed seeing her get her bare bottom spanked, but I hadn’t.

Having said that, the incident didn’t cure me of my fetish for spankings. I witnessed several other children receiving them after that and enjoyed immensely being a witness. But that was the one spanking I definitely didn’t like seeing.

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