Origins of a fetish

When I was 16 my parents took a three-week trip to Europe, and during that time I stayed with my neighbours, who were good friends with my folks. They had two daughters, one of whom I knew particularly well – Christy was also 16 and we were dating. Christy’s older sister Alexa was 18 and ready to head off to college that fall. 

Anyway, one day Christy received permission to take the family car and go to the mall with me. We both had our driver’s license and the mall was the place to go to see others, and be seen. We had a great time but didn’t pay attention to the time and we quickly realised that we were over an hour late getting home. Cell phones were not a thing back then, so we raced back to the car and Christy tossed me the keys to drive us back to the house.  

As I pulled into the driveway, we were met by Christy’s mother. She was steaming with anger, firstly because we were late but secondly, I was driving the car instead of Christy.

As we got out of the car, she just pointed to the door of the house and said: “Family room!” Christy immediately began to cry and I followed her into the house. As we entered the house, her mother called out to Alexa that she needed her help – that made Christy sob even louder as we walked down the stairs into the basement. 

Once in the family room, her mother grabbed both of us by the shoulder and told us we were in big trouble. Then she said: “This is going to be a day you won’t forget as long as you live. Alexa – get them ready!”

Christy frantically begged her mother not to punish us together, pleading that it would never happen again, but her mother replied: “If you keep that up, Christy, you’ll find out exactly where your protests will get you!”

Alexa had the most wicked smile on her face as she went up to Christy and began to unbutton her top.  Christy pleaded with Alexa but it was to no avail and soon Christy was standing there in her bra. Then Alexa started to unfasten her sister’s jeans – Christy just sobbed with embarrassment.  Her pants were pulled down and removed, along with her socks and shoes. 

Christy begged piteously but Alexa unsnapped her bra and pulled it away from her chest. My eyes were probably as wide as saucers as my girlfriend’s breasts, which I had certainly touched but never seen, were revealed. Her tits were the size of large oranges and she had small dark nipples that were as hard as rocks. 

That wasn’t the only thing getting hard, as Alexa completed stripping her sister by pulling down her panties, leaving my love in her birthday suit in front of me.

Christy kept her arms over her chest as Alexa now turned her attention to me. She removed my shirt, then unfastened my jeans and pulled them down and off, along with my socks and shoes. My erection bulged in my briefs and Alexa had a huge smile on her face as she patted the bulge and said: “Don’t worry – that won’t last long!” 

Then she pulled down my briefs and left me standing there fully erect for everyone to see. Christy stared at my erection for a while but then screamed as her mother came back into the room with a jokari paddle. “No, Mother, please – not that!” Christy’s mom took no notice but sat down on a chair, then Alexa more or less dragged her sister to their mother’s waiting lap. 

After Christy was put firmly over the maternal knee, her sister grabbed both of her wrists to hold her still. It was summer and Christy had a good tan across her body, but her bottom was white as snow – at least for the moment.

Then the first blow of the paddle landed on her naked butt and Christy screamed at the sting. Alexa held on to her tightly, smiling sadistically as she did so. Meanwhile, I couldn’t help myself – as I watched my girlfriend’s paddling, my own hands on my head as previously instructed, my erection grew harder and my penis began to twitch with arousal.

The spanking was hard and fast, and Christy was kicking her legs with the pain, and I could clearly see her genitals when she did. After what seemed like forever (probably for both of us) Christy’s movements lessened under the repeated paddle strokes until she just lay there limp over her mother’s lap. Finally it was over – Alexa helped her bawling sister to her feet and put her against the wall, facing outward. Christy’s tears dropped on to her beautiful breasts, which wiggled as she gasped and cried as hard as she could, hands now on her head. 

Then I heard: “Bring him here!” Alexa grabbed my arm and took me over to Christy’s mother. Her mother smirked seeing my throbbing erection but it did not deter her from putting me over her lap like a small child. She positioned me so that my hard-on was between her nylon-covered legs, and when I was in position she squeezed her thighs together to pin me there. 

Alexa kneeled down and took hold of my wrists. Looking down the elder’s sister’s blouse at the cleavage of her much larger breasts did not help things much as far as my penis was concerned but Alexa just smiled and repeated that I wouldn’t be hard long.

Then I heard a loud crack and the pain ripped through my butt as the paddle made contact. I gasped and just looked at Alexa, who had a big grin on her face.  The spanking for me was given in two sets. The first had me crying like a baby and the pain in my butt was terrible. It stopped for about a minute as I was repositioned over Christy’s mother’s lap and I just lay there and sobbed.  I also noticed that Alexa’s nipples were poking out and clearly on display through her top.   

Then the paddling started again and I will always remember how Alexa was breathing hard and smiling – it was obviously a massive turn-on for her to watch me suffer and hear me scream as the paddle destroyed my behind. When I finally stopped struggling, the spanking stopped after about 15 more swats. 

Alexa helped me stand up, and I grabbed my butt frantically, trying to lessen the pain. My erection had disappeared all right and as I danced up and down, Alexa laughed and chanted: “Floppy, floppy!” 

As I stood against the wall, also facing outward and trying to compose myself, Christy was permitted to get back dressed. Perhaps inevitably, and despite the pain, as I stood there naked in front of three females I got hard again, which seemed to amuse them all.  Finally, I was allowed to get dressed and was sent to my room. 

Once there, I looked at my bottom in the mirror – it was deep red and bruised from my upper thighs to the top of my butt crack. The throbbing pain was incredible but as lay on the bed face down, I eventually managed to fall asleep. 

My backside was sore for about three days and the bruises lasted about a week. I was so shamed by the experience that for a few days I could barely bear to look Christy in the eye, but she was clearly as embarrassed as I was.

Then, one day, just before my parents returned from their trip, Christy and I found ourselves alone in the house at last. As we sat on the coach, she smiled and touched the crotch of my trousers. “Does it always get hard when you are spanked?” I was a bit embarrassed but eventually confessed that not only had I got hard after my spanking, but also before, as I watched Christy take her turn across her mother’s knee.

With a gleam in her eye, Christy ordered me to stand up and before I knew it she had pulled the jokari paddle from behind her. I stood submissively in front of her as she unfastened my jeans and pulled them down, then slipped down my briefs to reveal a very hard erection. 

Christy put me over her lap and gave me a spanking that wasn’t all that hard, but was still enough to make me soft and cry a little. Then she pushed me off her lap and left me standing there for a few minutes, naked from the waist down. Soon I was stiff again – and let’s just say she made good use of my dick. 

Before we both moved away to college ourselves, we each gave each other several doses of the paddle which led to sexual activity. Christy’s mother had been right – we both never forgot the paddling she gave us that day. 

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