Matron slippered naughty boys

During the 1960s, I attended a prep school in North Yorkshire, from where I have very fond memories of our loving but strict matron – and the many smacked bottoms we received from her to keep us boys in line.

Our matron was fairly young, in her early 30s, but she was very experienced in disciplining children and very strict about any misbehaviour either in the dormitory or the bathroom. Any boy who transgressed could expect to receive a sore bottom.

If there was misbehaviour in the bathroom, Matron would slipper you with her flip flop. This was usually given across the seat of your underpants but still stung considerably. If you were unlucky enough to be having a bath when you needed chastising, then you would get it on the bare bottom, which of course hurt even more acutely. To receive your punishment, you would be ordered to bend over, touching your toes.

For misbehaviour in the dormitory, Matron’s remedy for naughty boys was an ordinary bedroom slipper. Unlike punishments in the bathroom, this was never given on the child’s bare buttocks but usually across the seat of your pyjama bottoms. Again, Matron would ordered you to bend over, either over the end of your bed or touching your toes, depending on the occasion.

Any naughty boy never got any less than six of the best with either slipper, so you were sure to be left with a good sore bottom. The most I ever got was 24, after I was caught three times in one night either out of my bed or talking after ‘lights out’.

As I say, Matron was very experienced in disciplining children and you felt your misbehaviour in your pyjamas or pants for some time after the punishment itself. That said, she was by no means a sadist, but in fact a very fun-loving lady who loved all us boys very much.

My last spanking from Matron was on the very last night of my last prep school term. Strangely enough, it was also Matron’s last night at the school too, as she was getting married during the summer holidays, and in those days matrons had to be single ladies, as they were ‘live-in’ posts.

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