For the record

This is the story of the last proper spanking I got as a girl – I was 12 years old and this was in the early 1970s. I should explain that my mum and dad had been to the school’s parents evening about a month previous to this incident, and they had not been at all happy at what they heard about me from my teachers.

Basically, the story was ‘can and should do much better’ – I admit I was a bit of a lazy sod! Anyway, Mum came up to my room as soon as they got home and hauled me over the coals. To her credit, she didn’t just shout – although there was a fair bit of that too – she went into detail about my school work, asked if I was unhappy or was being bullied. I didn’t have any answer really other than ‘I can’t be arsed’ – my head was full of boys and pop stars, frankly – and finally Mum laid it on the line.

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