Tease taught a lesson

When I was about 12 years old, I had a sleepover one night with three of my closest friends. We were at my house and the first six hours or so were mostly like a normal sleepover. We played games, watched a movie or two, and just laughed and talked a lot.

My parents were generally rather understanding of the fact that when they invited over pre-teen girls, perfect peace in the house was an impossibility. Still, they expected at least some standards of good behaviour and they expected things to get a lot quieter by past 11pm.

The only problem is, we weren’t totally ready to behave even after 11. We were still laughing and yelling and causing all kinds of noise in a house where my parents and siblings were trying to sleep – we had my room to ourselves that night because my sister went to sleep in a different room, but we were being loud enough to disturb everyone else in the house.

We received several warnings over a period of about 40 minutes or so. Whenever we received the warning, we were quieter for maybe about five minutes afterwards, but then we went back to being too noisy!

Finally, my mom walked in and turned on the light. She didn’t even say anything – she just yanked me right out from under the covers, pulled down my PJ shorts and undies, and pulled me over her lap. I wanted to beg for mercy, or for this to at least happen at a time when my friends weren’t here, but I’d received even more warnings than I normally would, so judgment day had come!

Mom started spanking me good and hard. When she spanked me, my mother usually didn’t have a real pattern – she just spanked wherever she felt like spanking at that second. Sometimes she’d go back and forth, sometimes one cheek would get a lot more ‘attention’ than the other. Either way, I was always a bawling mess by the time she finished.

On this particular occasion, I tried to stay strong in front of my friends, but eventually I broke down and started crying, flailing my legs around, and probably showing my friends a view of…everything. It wasn’t the first time they’d seen me naked – we’d used the same changing rooms many times before – but that particular view was still quite humiliating.

Finally, Mom let me crawl back under the covers of my bed, which I shamefully did. She then she ordered my friends to get on their hands and knees to be spanked also. Mom had permission from all the parents to spank their girls if needed, but I guess she was hesitant to do it on the bare, as she had with me.

Instead, she just gave each of the other three girls two good hard spanks each on the seat of their pyjamas, then told them to get to sleep. This milder punishment for my friends definitely felt a bit unfair to me, as we had all been equally naughty. However, I guess as the hostess, I had more responsibility to behave, in my parents’ eyes. Also, I wasn’t about to be a rat who got my friends in worse trouble by crying to mommy – that would have been even more embarrassing than the spanking I just got!

We quietened down after that spanking for the most part – none of my friends wanted to dare my mom to come back and give them what they’d just gotten. However, one of them – we’ll call her Suzy – did quietly tease me a bit about the embarrassing display I’d just given. And the next morning, she kept on teasing me.

I think the other two girls felt bad for me and also felt very lucky that they hadn’t gotten the same treatment – but Suzy had to keep pushing it. She kept imitating me in front of my other friends and my siblings, making babyish crying noises while rubbing her butt.

Now, in my house, we had a strict rule not to mock the other children about their spankings. If you did, you could expect to get the same! My mom warned Suzy several times about this family rule, but Suzy didn’t take the hint – I guess she thought that at worst, she’d be in for another two smacks like she got the night before.

This time, though, my mom took her by the hand and led her to the bathroom – and I heard a lot more than two spanks coming from in there. I don’t know if mom bared her butt or maybe spanked her over her undies, but although I’ve always tried not to be a vindictive person, I really hoped she was getting it on the bare.

I suppose Mom didn’t administer the spanking as publicly as mine had been because she didn’t want my brothers to see a female guest’s bare bottom.

Well, whatever my mom did, Suzy never teased me about my spanking again. What I do know is that she let out some pretty good shrieks herself and when she and Mom came back from the bathroom, her face was streaked with tears.

The rest of the time we had together that weekend was spanking-free, as far as I recall. We were all on our best behaviour!

Contributor: Veronica

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