Sports car spanking

I was floored when I read your recent story of the young boy getting spanked by his mother in their car. I have heard many times of a kid getting a smack or two in a car, but never a full-blown spanking. The exception is one I got myself from my own father, when I was about nine years old – the same as the boy in the other story.

My father and I were at my aunt’s house. I was in the back yard, swimming in the pool and having a great time. Because mom wasn’t with us, Dad forgot to bring my bathing suit so I was wearing just my underpants and a T-shirt. This was normal when I stayed over and all us boys hung around in our underwear.

I don’t remember what my offence was that day – no doubt I was just acting like my usual bratty self again. Dad had all he could take and told me that we were going home. “Fine – no big deal,” I replied in a rather snotty tone.

Dad said: “OK – let’s go.” He didn’t even ask my aunt to give me my clothes – he just told her that we were leaving, and we started to walk to his car. The driveway was a good distance from the house because the property was large. 

Dad’s car was a two-door sports affair. He said I couldn’t sit up front with him in the passenger bucket seat because I wasn’t fully dressed. Instead he opened the driver’s side door, pulled his seat forward and told me to lie on the back bench seat on my stomach facing away from him. I obeyed and lay down, with my bottom angled towards my father.

I’m sure he planned this because he had no problems spanking me in front of people, so I think he waited until he got me in the car so he could really give it to me good. Without warning, he reached in and started spanking me really hard.

I was shocked and it took about a few hard smacks before I realizsd what was happening. I tried to get up, but Dad said firmly: “No! Lie down and take your punishment.”

He kept whacking away. If you’ve ever heard the sound of a spanking in a sports car with all the windows up, even with the driver side door open, you will never forget it. It was the loudest thing I’d ever heard outside of a rock concert.

My father was very angry – he spanked me non-stop for at least another minute and my bottom was on fire. I actually felt my butt cheeks flatten out as Dad smacked me. The pain was incredible.

Just when I thought it couldn’t get any worse, I wet myself – just like the little girl in your other story. I shouted out to my dad what had happened, which offered me some temporary relief as he stopped beating my behind. I rolled over and showed him my wet crotch.

Dad went to the trunk of the car, where he kept towels for washing and waxing the vehicle. He told me to get out and finish going to the bathroom right there in the driveway, which I did. He cleaned off the little residue of urine on the seat, and told me to get back in.

This time, he wouldn’t let me lay down – I had to sit on my behind as part of my punishment. Dad told me that if I moved from my spot, he would stop the car and spank me again right then and there until my bum was redder than my underpants. I had no doubt that he would do it, and it was really scary, because I daresay my buttocks were already about that red.

On the way back, Dad scolded me and said Mom would put me in a diaper when I got home, because I obviously needed one. It was about a 20-minute drive home, so I just sat there on my sore hot bottom, feeling remorseful and crying as I had just gotten a perfect daddy spanking.

When we got home, Mom was still out visiting my grandma, so I ran into my room and hid under the covers on my bed. I was so afraid I was going to get spanked again, but Dad left me alone until Mom came back. To my relieft, she merely told me to get up and take a bath, then come down for dinner.

Contributor: Ed

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