A breakage, and a sore bottom

When I was around seven or eight years old, I spent part of the summer with my maternal grandparents – they lived on a small farm, with the only animals there being a horse and some chickens.

There were some other animals, though. My grandmother collected porcelain animal figurines – she had some birds and, the masterpiece of her collection, a dog that was almost life-size.

As I girl, I loved to look at these figurines and imagine I was a zoo keeper feeding them. However, it was a big ‘no no’ to touch them – my grandmother had to warn me off touching them on several occasions, and a few times I got put in ‘time out’ for doing so.

On this particular day, I was playing with the animals again – the temptation was simply too great. My grandparents were both out in their garden working, so I began playing with the figurines.

All of a sudden, from the window I saw my grandmother coming back towards the house. I tried to hide, as I knew I shouldn’t have been in the room where the animals where, but in my haste I ended up knocking over one of the porcelain birds. It fell to the ground and broke into many pieces.

My grandmother saw what had happened and immediately began to scold me. My grandfather came in to see what had happened and when grandmother told him what I had done, he took me by the hand and said: “I think we need to go and talk about this in the woodshed, Sarah.”

I was escorted to the shed. Grandfather closed the door behind us and sat down on a log. Then he stood me in front of him and began to lecture me again.

“Sarah, you have been a very naughty girl, and because of that, you are going to get a spanking,” he said. I began to cry in anticipation of the hurt my bottom was about to suffer.

If you have read any of my other stories, you will know that I was always spanked on my clothed bottom since it was not thought decent for male relatives to see my private parts and bare bottom. However, since I was wearing a dress that day and because it would have been ineffective to smack my behind through my skirt, as soon as Grandfather put me over his knee he raised my dress to expose my pantie-clad little vottom.

Then he raised his hand and began spanking me. It me hurt a great deal, as it was meant to of course, and I cried more like a four-year-old getting her bottom smacked rather than the big girl of eight that I was.

When I had calmed down a little bit and my crying had died down somewhat, Grandfather took me back to the house, where I was made to say sorry to my grandmother. I was then sent to my room to finish crying think about what I had done.

Despite my sore bottom, by the afternoon I was back to being their spoiled granddaughter again – we went into town, where a repair expert made good the damage on the bird, while a nice ice cream while we waited for it to be fixed made good the damage on my bottom too!

Contributor: Sarah

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