Not staying put

The spanking I’m talking about here happened about 20 years ago – but I still remember it like it was yesterday. 

It was a summer morning, and Mom and I were getting ready to go shopping. I had been dressed in a pair of shorts, polo shirt and sneakers. Mom told me to sit on the chair in the kitchen and wait for her to ‘finish’ while she was in the bathroom. I’m not sure if she was putting on makeup, fixing her hair or using the toilet. All I remember is that it seemed like forever – so I decided that I didn’t want to sit there any longer.

I went out of the kitchen door, which was on the side of our house, and ran into the backyard. I saw our neighbours out there and began chatting to them – we loved them and they loved us.

After a few minutes, Mom came to the door and called out: “Eddie? Where are you?” I could tell that she wasn’t pleased. I moved closer so she could see me and said: “Here, Mommy.” She snapped back: “I told you not to move! Get back in here right now – I’m going to spank your bottom, young man!”

I was horrified, not only because naturally I didn’t want a spanking, but also because everyone in the street had heard what she said. I actually ran to her and pleaded ‘please, no!’

Mom was waiting for me in the doorway and looked very angry. She stepped back about a foot to let me in the house, then grabbed me. Without saying another word, she reached down, pulled down my shorts to my ankles, followed quickly by my underpants. While we were still in the doorway, she picked me up and held me under her left arm in the ‘doctor recommended’ spanking position (see my previous contribution about me picking my nose).

Mom began to spank my bare butt vigorously. I began to cry, but that didn’t help at all. She just kept yelling ‘bad, bad boy!’ while spanking me fast and hard – my bottom was soon burning and no doubt bright red, though I was in no position to see of course.

When Mom finally thought I had been given enough, she carried me over to a chair. She stood me up, facing away from her, and pulled my briefs back up as far as they would go – they felt really tight against my now very hot bum. My shorts were also replaced. “Now – sit down and don’t you dare move again!”

I tried to obey but was so sore behind that I really couldn’t. I leaned forward and placed my hands on the table to hold myself in a ‘hover’ just above the chair seat. By doing this, I was able to keep about 90% of my bottom off the chair while still appearing to be sitting down.

I looked up at Mom and it was clear from her expression that she knew exactly what I was doing, but to my surprise she didn’t say a word. I actually lucked out on this occasion, because on another occasion I was thoroughly spanked again for not ‘sitting properly’ during my time out.

Mom went back into the bathroom to finish up whatever it was she had been doing. While she was gone, and after a few minutes, I was finally able to sit down all the way.

Then Mom came back into the kitchen. “Come on, Eddie, we’re leaving now.” I ran over to her and she gently rubbed my head and smiled at me, showing me that all was now well and I was forgiven for having been a naughty boy. Mom was very pleasant to me after that, and we had a great time shopping and having lunch out.

To this day, I wonder how many people heard or actually saw me getting spanked in that doorway. Even though it was on the side of the house, it was very close to the street, and anyone passing by could have seen my little bare bottom being thoroughly spanked by my mommy. Nobody would have been very shocked or surprised, because in our neighbourhood the spanking of children was very common – especially for boys – and bare bottom was the way most parents gave it.

Certainly, Mom never held back about her disciplinary methods and didn’t try to hide them at all. She would routinely tell family and friends when she had spanked me. Her favourite line was: “I gave it to Eddie good.”

Contributor: Eddie

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