Nose picker spanked

My mom was a perfectionist. The house was always in perfect order and clean, her meals were excellent and she was always well dressed.  She treated me the exact same way. She gave me a full bath every day and usually dressed me in black and white dress shoes, knee high socks, dress shorts, dress shirt, jacket or sweater and bow tie. I have many photos of me in this attire, although my play clothes were more casual. 

The problem was that little boys are not that concerned with proper hygiene or appropriate behavior. As a result, I started picking my nose in public – gross!  Mom, a neat freak, warned me that if I picked my nose again, she would spank me. She was not going to tolerate this type of low-class behaviour, as it was disgusting. She made it very clear what the consequences would be if I didn’t obey her.

Then, one morning, I was in the living room watching TV. Mom had just gone into the kitchen to start cooking me breakfast after asking me what I wanted to eat. I was sitting on the floor in my onesie PJs with my back to the kitchen. I started picking my nose, thinking I was safe to do so. 

Then I heard a firm: “No, Eddie – stop that!” Mom was standing behind me with her hands on her hips. She walked over to me and picked me up. I was around six or seven and no longer was used to getting picked up or carried, so I grabbed her shoulders to secure myself. Firmly, she instructed me: “Put your arms down.” I knew I was in big trouble.

Mom flipped me over her left arm, with my legs dangling in the air. She told me to hold onto her arm and not to let go. I knew what was going to happen, but I never heard of anyone getting spanked this way.

By using this position, she had complete control over me. My feet were dangling off the ground. I could not get away until she was done and put me down, and she completely minimised any other type of injury to my hips and groin area because they weren’t pressed up against anything like her lap, knee, chair etc. The only thing that got affected was my bottom. She didn’t have that far to spank as my butt was very close to her right hand/arm. She positioned me like this because she was planning on spanking me for a very, very long time. 

Like I said, my backside was perfectly placed, no resistance at all and a very short distance from her hand. It was the ‘perfect storm’.  Mom began spanking me fast and furious – it hurt immediately, and also sounded very loud. She started spanking the very centre of my bottom many times, then she smacked my left and right butt cheeks alternately. Then it was back to the centre again, and so on.

Mom spanked me continuously for several minutes. I tensed up all my muscles and thought to myself: “Mommy is really mad, and this is really going to hurt if she ever stops.”

Then I went limp, relaxed all my muscles and dropped my head down. I think this was what mom wanted because it felt like she spanked me even harder and faster for a few more minutes. I think the total time was around five minutes of non-stop smacks. As I said, Mom was a perfectionist and she gave me an absolutely perfect ‘you won’t sit down for a week’ spanking. 

Finally, she stopped and carried me over to the sofa. She ordered me to sit on one of the pillows. I tried but I couldn’t sit down because my bum hurt so much. Mom said very authoritatively: “Sit down, or I will spank you again.” So I forced myself to sit and it felt like I was sitting on a campfire. All I could think about was how much my bum hurt.

Mom went into the kitchen to get a wash cloth. She wiped down my fingers and my face to wash the snot off.  After a little while, she told me that I could get up. I was hurting so much that I just wanted to go to my bedroom and lie down for a little while. My bottom was so sore, it actually hurt when I walked, and each step I took felt like I got another smack. I could not believe how much it hurt and how difficult it was to walk – a true ‘super spanking’!

I went into my room and could only lie down on my side or stomach because my butt hurt so much. In fact, my behind even hurt when I was lying on my side. After a short period of time, Mom came into my room and turned on all the lights. She told me to get up and take my PJs off. Then she told me to take my underwear off. I was horrified as I thought she was going to spank me again.

Mom just sat down on the bed and told me it was OK – she just wanted to teach me how to get dressed on my own, like big boys do. Mom made me walk all over the room to get socks, underwear, pants and shirt out of the multiple dresser drawers and my shoes out of the closet. Naturally I obeyed completely and it took quite a few minutes, but I got everything and I felt like a big boy. 

Basically, mom had me walk around in front of her so she could get a bird’s eye view of my very well spanked bottom and to see if I still had problems walking.

In retrospect, I wondered if she was worried that I may have needed to go to the doctor and she would have to explain that she gave me the spanking of my life and may have done more damage than she intended.

In actual fact, I found out later that my paediatrician was very pro-spanking and he actually told parents that the best way to position naughty children was over the parent’s arm with legs dangling off the floor, to minimise any other effects other than to the naughty child’s bottom – just as Mom had done with me. Naturally, he wouldn’t have been very popular with me had I known about this piece of parental advice but he was actually a great guy, and I loved seeing him.

In the US, when we have county fairs, we display some of the best meat products produced. In this case my barbecued little piggy butt was on display! After a while mom looked pleased with what she saw and then told me to get dressed because we were going to go shopping.

Of course, I never picked my nose again. In fact, once my father did it at the dinner table at my aunt’s home. I was sitting on mom’s lap and said to dad: “Mommy should spank you too!” Mom gave me a hug and said not to talk about my spankings.

Contributor: Eddie

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