My turn for the belt

I was certainly no stranger to spankings while growing up. My teacher mother spanked us with her hand, the wooden spoon and – for major infractions – her classroom paddle.  However, only once was I was spanked with a belt – and I can tell you, it was a real shock to the system.

I was 10 or maybe 11, and having a sleepover at my friend Amanda’s house. We girls just would not settle down. I have to mention that Amanda’s mom was being lenient – she warned us multiple times to quieten down and go to bed.

Unfortunately. we just wouldn’t  listen and finally this mom had had enough. She appeared in the doorway holding a long, wide leather belt that belonged to Amanda’s dad, the sight of which immediately caused my friend to tremble and start apologising. 

Her mother pretty much ignored this. Turning to me, she said that Amanda was getting a spanking – I could choose to either go home now or take a spanking from her.

I should mention that our respective parents were close friends at church, and I’m sure Amanda’s mom had at least implicit permission to spank me. Besides which, it was nearly midnight and I knew all too well what fate would await me at home if Mom had to retrieve me at this hour. 

I had seen my cousin Barb being belted before (recounted in another Maman story) and the prospects of getting it myself were very scary. However, frankly I didn’t think I would fare much better at home, and I chose to get my spanking there.  

I did ask to go to the bathroom first. Amanda’s me initially accused me of stalling, so I then had the humiliating task of explaining to her that if I wasn’t allowed to go, I might have an accident while I was being spanked. This caused me to blush ten shades of red but upon hearing this, she let me go.

Then it was time for our spanking. Amanda and I were both ordered to pull down our panties, pull up our sleep shirts and bend over the bed so that our butts were right at the edge, with our feet on the floor.  

I couldn’t see what was happening and I was super nervous – then I heard a whistling sound followed by a large crack as the belt bit into Amanda’s bottom. She let out a little yelp and then her mom spanked her again.  I tried to turn my head to see what was happening, but Amanda’s mom snapped at me to get my head down. 

Amanda was spanked five times, giving a little yip each time – I began think that maybe the belt wouldn’t be so bad since she was taking it so well.

Well, I was wrong. My friend was just much tougher and more stoic than me. After Amanda had five cracks, I got my first one – what a shock!  I let out a huge yelp and almost jumped out of place. I was crying freely by the second and sobbing by the fifth, so glad to think that the punishment was over. 

Except it wasn’t – after my five, Amanda’s mom returned to her daughter’s bare bottom for five more. By this point, even Amanda was crying and I was frankly terrified. Yes, I got five more and was wailing loud enough to wake the dead. 

I was praying that there wouldn’t be another round after this. Thankfully, Amanda’s mom thought we had had enough – she told us we had five minutes to compose ourselves, or she would be back. Needless to say, we needed no more warnings and we both cried ourselves to sleep on our tummies. 

The next morning my tush was still very red and so was Amanda’s. Thankfully, her mom didn’t tell my parents about my misbehaviour, so I was spared another round at home.    

Contributor: Jillian

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