It’s the belt for Barb

One of the most memorable spankings I ever witnessed happened to my older cousin Barb. She was the oldest cousin in our family and she was mean and bossy to all of her younger siblings and cousins. 

Barb and I get along great now, but when I was little I found her stuck-up and annoying. I hate to admit it, but watching her take an extremely embarrassing spanking put a smile on my face.

At the time, I would be 10 and Barb 15. My mother took myself and my two brothers to Barb’s house so we could swim and visit. We were not excited to see Barb but we were happy to see our other four cousins. 

Apparently, before we arrived Barb and my aunt had already been butting heads throughout the morning. Barb wanted her mom to drive her to the mall to hang out with her friends, but she was told that that she had been at the mall lots of times over the last few weeks and that she needed to stay home to welcome their visitors – no ride would be forthcoming. 

Naturally, this put Barb in a bit of a huff. When we arrived, even as a 10-year-old I could feel the tension. Nevertheless, my brothers and I started swimming and having a good time with our cousins. Barb was there but she was being mean and bossy as usual, fussing at all of the other kids and basically taking out her frustrations on us. On several occasions Barb’s mother warned her to be civil but she persisted in being mean. 

The final straw came when Barb pushed my little brother (who was eight at the time) into the pool from behind because he was blocking her sun. My aunt had seen enough – she ordered Barb into the house for a belting. 

My aunt turned to my mom and said: “She’s become quite uncooperative about her spankings recently. Can you come in with me in case I need help?” My mom gladly agreed, then told us kids that since there was no adult outside to supervise us, we would all have to get out of the pool and play in the yard until she returned. 

Oh well, we figured…if we have to. We decided that we’d all just wander over to the big kitchen window to see what we could see. Well, what we could see was…everything!

Barb’s mom was lecturing her while her daughter stood with her arms crossed, unrepentant. We had a pretty good view put we couldn’t hear what was going on.  Then my aunt reached out to grab the straps of her daughter’s one piece suit and before Barb could stop her, she peeled it down.

Barb immediately tried to cover up, putting one arm across her breasts and her other hand over her privates. Then there was some more yelling – it looked like Barb was refusing to assume the position. My mom grabbed both of her hands and held them flat on the table. 

Now that her compliance was forced, Barb’s mom proceeded with the punishment. She pulled the belt back and brought it down hard across Barb’s naked backside. It must have hurt really bad on wet skin. Barb reared back and howled, easily audible outside even though the windows were closed. There was a large red stripe across her butt, I noticed. 

Barb struggled to pull away but my mom held her firmly in place to take her punishment. Whack! Another red stripe appeared followed by more histrionics from Barb. Whack, whack, whack!  Three more.  Barb managed to pull her hands away from my mom and tried to rub. My mom got her back in position, then my aunt started in again. Altogether, she took eight mighty whacks with that wide leather belt, and her butt was a mess of criss-crossing red stripes. 

When my mom finally let go of the girl’s hands, they flew immediately to her backside to try to rub away the pain. Barb was no longer concerned with covering up – she jumped around wildly and put on quite a show. 

Most of the women in our family are well-endowed and Barb was no exception. At 15, she was basically fully grown and as she danced around in pain, her giant boobs swayed from side to side and up and down. She was also brazenly showing off a patch of bright red pubic hair – my 12-year-old brothers’ eyes looked like they were about ready to pop out of his head!

After about 30 seconds of this, Barb must have finally realised what a spectacle she was making of her body. Still crying, she ran to go hide in her room. Those of us spectating outside decided that was our cue to scatter. The parents came back and we went back to swimming. 

As a kid, I thought we had pulled the wool over the grown-ups’ eyes, but as an adult, I think they knew we watched – they wanted us to see our tormentor taken down a peg.

Contributor: Jillian

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