Like father, like son

You may have already read elsewhere on this site about my own experiences of receiving corporal punishment from the maid my parents employed.

What I haven’t mentioned so far is how I turned to this same lady for help when I had my own kids. Although she was now appreciably older (as was I of course), she had lost none of her ability to deal with naughty children.

So it was that in most cases, I was happy for my childhood maid to take care of most of the discipline needed for the children when they either misbehaved or had not done well in school through deliberate lack of effort.

Of all the kids, my son Richie seemed to be the one who needed his bare bottom attending to the most. It feels perverse to admit it, but there was part of seeing my son get his buttocks soundly smacked by the same lady who had done me as a little boy which was quite intensely arousing for me.

When Richie had been a naughty boy, I would be in high anticipation at the thought that my son would soon be over that woman’s ample lap. kicking his feet up and down as she spanked, as indeed his father had back in the days when she had reddened my own bottom.

I remember particularly one day when Richie brought a note home from school, and of course he was informed that a good spanking would be administered. He was handed over to the maid and I made sure I hung around to watch him go over her lap, pants and undies down, to have his bare behind thoroughly reddened.

Just before she started smacking Richie’s bottom, our maid looked me in the eye and told Richie that his own daddy had often been in this very same position. Then she thoroughly spanked him, reducing him to tears very quickly and leaving him with a very sore bottom.

I remained frozen to the spot as I watched his punishment, as our maid expertly turned his backside from white to a deep crimson. I couldn’t help remembering my own spankings, of course.

Looking back, I had to admit to myself that while I had certainly not liked the pain of this discipline, as a child I had loved the intimate attention I had received from this formidable woman, who had spanked so many behinds in her time, including those of her own kids.

Contributor: John

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