Another maid memory

Our family maid had full disciplinary authority over me and my sister, which she exercised by taking off her thick leather belt. She would dangle it from her hand as we were instructed to take down our panties and undies, or sometimes to strip completely naked. Mom could always hear when one of us got whipped but she never interfered.

The maid knew I had a crush on her so she used her power to make me even more obedient. I was quick to bare myself and get into position or sometimes she would just hold my arm and whip me while I ran in circles trying to avoid the belt. But afterwards she would always hug me to her ample bosom, dry my tears and shush me to let me know that I was forgiven.

I still think about that affection being so nice, even though my backside was sore and red. I don’t remember the pain nearly as much as the aftercare. To this day, when I see a maid with a family I wonder if she is anything like our maid was and I shudder with the memory.

Actually, though, the worst spanking I ever got from her was not with her belt but over her lap – and she used only her hand. She caught me staring at her behind one day when she bent over to pick up something, and gave me an disapproving stare. Later in my life, she would S admit that she was flattered by my admiration but at the time felt she had to establish her authority and demand my respect.

So I went bare bottomed over her wide lap, looking down from where I could see her large feet. At first, I thought I was getting off easy by not getting the belt – but I soon discovered that hand spankings can be very painful, as she rained down blow after blow on my upturned bottom.

The spanking lasted much longer than any belt spanking she had ever given me and by the conclusion, my feet were flailing around from the pain. However, she did finally decide I had been given enough, and this time comforted me by sitting me on her lap and rubbing my sore behind.

This was by no means the last hand spanking she gave me. From her experience that time, she decided that a big boy being brought to tears with just her hand was an even more effective punishment than her harsh leather belt.

I still got it with her belt sometimes, though, including the times that she would leave the belt in the middle of my bed which meant I had to strip and wait for her to come to my room. She would come in wearing her bedroom sandals, which she would always take off before she started to swing the belt. I had to lean across it so my head was hanging off – she would stand on the side where my head hung.

I had to hold her calves or ankles while she swung overhead and really tore me up. I was then sent to bed early but she would lie next to me and cuddle me until I calmed down some. Later she would come with cream to rub on my sore behind and a snack. God, I loved that lady so much.

Contributor: John

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