Paddled by the lake

I’m now 50 years old, but I can still remember the spankings I received as a child, between the ages of around five to 11. I grew up in a household of four girls, and neither Mum nor Dad had any qualms about giving our bare backsides a good hiding if we stepped out of line.

My parents kept a duck egg blue wooden paddle in the hallway just for such occasions. If we were disobedient or naughty, we would be spanked on the spot. Mum would grab the paddle, pull our pants and undies down to our ankles and spank us, usually in a standing position. She would hold our hands out of the way while administering a very sound smacking.

I can recall one memorable event when we went on a family holiday in 1977. It was a hot summer’s day and we were driving around the shores of a popular lake. Dad was driving and Mum was in the passenger’s seat – with four fractious little girls behind them on the bench seat. My sisters and I were all acting up and eventually Mum yelled: “Stop it right now, or I will make Daddy pull this car over and give each of you a good spanking!”

We quietened down for a few minutes at the threat of a sore bottom, but after a few minutes we were back at it again. Mum turned to my dad and said: “Right, Gavin – I’ve had enough. Pull this car over and give each of them a good hiding.” As Dad found somewhere convenient to pull over, Mum removed the blue wooden paddle from the glove box – it went with us on all long road trips for just such occasions as this.

Dad did as he was told. He pulled over on the verge of the road next to the lake, then each of his little girls was pulled in turn from the back of the car, screaming and crying. One by one, Dad put us over one knee, raised our skirt and took down our panties, then gave each of our little bare bottoms one very embarrassing and public hiding with the paddle.

A number of cars drove past as we were chastised, witnessing the event. One even honked its horn, by way of parental support. I can still recall my intense embarrassment to this day, and for days afterwards on the trip I was worried that fellow tourists might recognise me as one of the four little girls having their bottoms smacked by their daddy at the side of the lake.

Contributor: Samantha

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