My sister wets herself

I have read some accounts on your website of children wetting themselves either prior to or during corporal punishment, and this happened to my sister at school, when she was 10 years old.

Barbara had got into a fight with another girl during a PE lesson, and the female teacher in charge decided that both girls should get the slipper for their trouble. For those outside the UK, the slipper in school was actually a canvas plimsoll with a hard rubber sole, which stung your bottom like mad, rather than the household shoe used by many parents at the time for domestic discipline.

The teacher ordered the other girl forward first and ordered her to bend over. The girl put her hand on her knees and stuck her bottom out. She was only wearing gym knickers but as it was a serious offence and only girls were present, the teacher decided she would be slippered on the bare bottom. This was duly done and the girl received her whacks, resulting in a very sore bottom.

Then it was my sister’s turn. It was the first time Barbara had been given corporal punishment in school and she was both scared and extremely embarrassed. This embarrassment became even more acute when she bent over, and the other girls could see a dark patch spreading across her knickers – she had wet herself.

When the teacher took her knickers down to bare her bottom, my sister completely lost control of her bladder and sprayed wee everywhere. The class was in hysterics and my sister was never allowed to forget this shameful moment.

The teacher sent Barbara to the toilet to clean herself up as best she could, and while she was gone, the teacher and a couple of other girls mopped up the wee from the floor.

When Barbara returned there was no mercy – she was ordered to bend over again, down came her knickers and she was duly whacked, leaving her with a beetroot red bum.

Things didn’t get any better when she got home, either. Mum discovered her wet gym knickers in her PE bag and the whole story came out.

Once again, my sister’s bottom was bared – this time in front of the whole family – and she was solemnly spanked by our mother using a wooden spoon, then sent to bed in floods of tears and without any tea.

Contributor: Shirley

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