Exposed by the pool

This spanking was memorable for several reasons. First off, it was administered outside, in front of my friend, his sister (on whom I had a crush) and two of her girl friends. Secondly, it was the first spanking I’d had in years – I was 12 years old at the time. Finally, it was memorable because I discovered I had a love/hate relationship with being publicly exposed.

My friend Jerry’s parents had an in-ground pool, and I spent a lot of time there during the summer – not only because it was a way to cool off before we had air conditioning, but because I had a crush on Jerry’s sister Kathy. She was 15, and I was thoroughly smitten, though too shy to say anything. 

On this occasion, Kathy was lounging around in the back yard, sunning herself with a couple of her friends, while Jerry and I tossed a ball to each other as we ran off the diving board. We kept trying to make more and more spectacular catches in an attempt to impress the girls, who simply weren’t having any of it.  

I missed one of Jerry’s throws, and the ball bounced over to where the girls were sunning on their towels. With a crooked grin, Kathy grabbed it and said she wasn’t giving it back. Instantly, a game of ‘keep-away’ was on! Pretty soon all five of us were in the water, and the girls did a pretty good job of keeping us from getting the ball. 

Then disaster struck. I was trying to grab the ball from Kathy when I accidentally struck her in the throat with my forearm. She started gasping and was having a very hard time catching her breath. We got out of the pool, and I helplessly tried to apologise as she made scary whooping sounds. 

One of her friends ran in to get Kathy and Jerry’s mom. She came flying out of the house, took one look at her daughter and yelled: “How many times do I have to tell you kids? No rough-housing!” I made the mistake of again trying to apologise, saying I was sorry. Kathy’s mom took my words as her cue. She yelled: “I’m going to make sure you’re sorry”.

Before I knew what was happening, she had me over her bare thighs, pulled my trunks down to my ankles and was spanking my skinny little bottom in the sunshine! I was too shocked to realise what was going on until she’d hit me three or four times. I squawked and tried to get away, but she was an experienced spanker, and she pinned my legs down with one of her strong legs while she reddened my lily-white behind.

The spanking seemed to go on forever, but was probably only a few minutes. Then Kathy recovered and interceded with her mom to stop spanking me, insisting it was an accident. I was let up from the maternal knee. I quickly pulled up my trunks, grabbed my towel and ran home, unable to look anyone in the face because of my shame. But later on, replaying in my head this bare-bottom spanking from an attractive mature woman in front of all those girls, I had quite different feelings…

Contributor: Curt

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