Punished over chores

When I was about 12 years old, my dad remarried. Both Dad and my new stepmom worked quite late in their respective jobs most days, but it was felt I was old enough to be left home alone.

It was also felt that I was old enough to have chores, and my stepmom would leave me a list of tasks to complete each afternoon when I got home from school.

By the time my parents returned at night, I would be in bed and probably asleep. My stepmom would inspect the work I had done that afternoon and if it was not up to her high standard, she would come into my bedroom to wake me up and scold me.

Then she would announce: “You need your bottom tore up, young man!” Grabbing my arm, she would drag me to her and Dad’s bedroom, where my father was waiting to spank me. My stepmom would go over to her dresser and retrieve the spanking paddle she had used on her own (now grown) children, and she would hand it to Dad.

Pulling out her vanity chair facing the bed, she would jerk down my pyjamas and undies, and instruct me to step out of them and bend over the end of the bed, so that my bare bottom was facing where she was sitting.

Once I was in position, she would tell Dad: “Honey, I want you to blister his behind really good.” Dad would lay into me with the paddle until I was sobbing and begging for it to stop. This would only make my stepmom laugh and she would say: “I decide when the paddling ends, young man!”

When she was finally satisfied I’d had enough, my stepmom would march me into the living and place me in a corner. Then she would go back into to the bedroom, closing the door behind her. The noises which soon came from inside left little doubt as to what they were doing.

When they had finished fucking, my dad and stepmom would come out in their dressing gowns and take me out of the corner. Dad would be instructed to paddle my fanny again while my stepmom went to cut a switch, which she gave me herself while I was bent over the arm of the couch. These punishments continued well into my teens.

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