A clean sweep

I got many spankings as a young boy (and indeed well into my teens) from either Mum or Dad. All of them were administered on my bare bottom, over the knee of whoever was punishing me at the time

Growing up, I was lucky enough to live just a few doors away from two of my cousins. Darren was the same age as me, while Jenny was two years older. We got on very well and were always out playing together, sometimes having sleepovers at each other’s houses.

Being so close, we shared everything and had no secrets between us. I knew that both of the other children got their bottoms smacked at hoe, just as I did, but in their case the majority of the punishments were given to them by their dad.

One weekend, when I was eight years old, my parents went away for a weekend by themselves and I stayed over at my cousins’ house. The three of us decided to go off and play in the woods near to where we lived – we actually knew this was forbidden, which added extra spice to the expedition.

We had the time of our lives playing in the woods – but we all got very dirty and our clothes were covered in mud. When we got home, my uncle was furious with how dirty we all were – and he was even more angry when he found out where we had been.

He told his daughter: “Jenny, go upstairs to your bedroom, strip to your underwear, put your dirty clothes in the wash basket and then come back down. And boys” – he turned to us – “the same goes for you. I want everybody back here quickly in just their vest and pants.”

While we were getting undressed in Darren’s bedroom, I asked my cousin what he thought would happen. He replied: “I think we’ll all be getting the slipper for this.” This scared me, as I had never had the slipper before.

We three children made our way downstairs miserably in our underwear, where we received the mother of all scoldings from my uncle. Sure enough, he told us we would be getting 10 strokes of the slipper each for our trouble, and he went to fetch the instrument of correction.

He sat down with it and called Jenny first. Once she got close to his knee, she had her knickers pulled down and was made to bend over it. Then she got ten really hard whacks of the slipper, which left her small bare bottom very red indeed. After her slippering, Jenny was sent to the corner for 30 minutes, knickers still down.

Then it was Darren’s turn. His underpants were pulled down and over my uncle’s knee he went, for exactly the same. I watched his little bum changing colour and began to panic, knowing the same would soon be happening to my own bottom. Once Darren had had his spanking, he too was sent to the corner, smacked bottom on show, for 30 minutes.

At last my name was called. I remember feeling my uncle’s hands in the waistband of my pants as my bottom was bared, then I was bent over his knee like the other children. The slipper felt like a step up from the normal smacked bottoms I received at home and I bawled my eyes out – it really did sting. After I had been done, it was into the corner for me too, the evidence of my disgrace fully on show.

That was certainly not the last time I got spanked at my cousins’ house, and they got a few sore bottoms from my own parents too.

Contributor: David

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