Summertime smacked bottoms

I’ve written here before about spankings I got from my mom and dad – but other people also got to give me a sore bottom. You may recall that I have also written about such punishments from my aunt, and the parents of my best friend Hannah. This story is about the first time I got a smacked bottom from her dad.

I was six or seven at the time. It was a beautiful summer and it was arranged that I should go with Hannah and her parents to a summer house they had rented for a couple of weeks. I was more than happy with this plan – I loved Hannah and her parents. Hannah was like a sister to me and her folks were like second parents.

However, there was no doubt about what would happen to me should I not behave myself on this trip. Our parents knew each other from church and like most of the parents there, spanking was their ‘go to’ punishment for naughty children! I should add that Hannah and her parents were one of the few people outside my family who knew about me being a bedwetter and using diapers at night.

On the day we left, my mom had packed all my stuff that I needed. Hannah’s parents came over to get me, and both Mom and Dad reminded me to be good for them, and that they had permission spank me if I was not a good girl. Dad sent me off with a playful smack to my bottom.

I took Hannah’s mom’s hand and we went to put my stuff in the car and get me buckled in the back seat while my mom and dad talked more with Hannah’s father. He finally came back to the car and our trip began.

It was a two-hour drive and a boring one for kids. Hannah and I both kept asking that age-old question: “Are we there yet?” Hannah’s mom did her best to distract us and got us some play some car games. While it was fun for a while, we soon got bored again. We didn’t sit nicely and were a little too loud , which earned us a lecture.

Finally, Hannah’s mom became very stern. She told us we were being very naughty and if we did not calm down immediately, the vacation would start with a smacked bottom for us both.

Somewhat cowed, we finally arrived at our destination. Once we had transferred everything into the house, we ate dinner, and then it was bedtime both us children.

Having been warned about a smacked bottom, we behaved well for a few days. But then, a few days in, we were playing football in the garden. Hannah’s dad warned us several times to be careful about the nearby greenhouse. However, once he went back to what he was doing, we started up the game again.

It won’t surprise you to learn that I eventually kicked the ball hard and it hit the greenhouse, smashing one of the windows. Hannah’s dad heard the noise as the glass shattered and came out of the garage. To say he was not best pleased with us would be an understatement – he sent us to our room.

I think we both knew what we were in for, because we were both in tears in that bedroom from the moment we got there. We could hear Hannah’s parents talking quietly in the kitchen, presumably deciding what to do with us, then we heard her dad’s footsteps coming towards the room.

He opened the door and sat down on a stool that happened to be in the room. He said both he and Hannah’s mom were very disappointed by our disobedience. Furthermore, he added, since we didn’t listen and had broken the glass, we were both going to get our bottoms well spanked.

Without further ado, he took Hannah across his knee and began to spank her. He gave her 10 hard smacks, and while they were only applied to the seat of her pants, they obviously stung a lot. Hannah’s crying became harder and she was blubbering like a baby once her dad had finished with her.

Hannah lay down crying on her bed and her dad looked at me. “It’s your turn now, Sarah. Come here.” I did so, very reluctantly. “Because you are the one who actually broke the glass, you are going to get 12 spanks,” he told me, then firmly placed me across his knee.

Once again, the room was full of the combined noises of a little bottom being spanked and a little girl crying hard. I was in floods of tears before I was allowed to throw myself face down on my own bed.

“Now remember, you girls,” he said when both of us had had our tushes thoroughly warmed, “we only spank you because we love you, and to help you learn right from wrong. Now, stay here until dinner time, and have a good think about what you did.”

Dinner was a bit of a miserable affair, because the dining chairs were made of hard, bare wood and it was uncomfortable to sit on them with our smacked bottoms. Once again, once dinner was concluded it was time for little girls to go to bed.

As we got ready in our room, Hannah’s mom came in and diapered my still sore bottom for the night. While she was putting the diaper on, I had a brief glimpse of my friend’s own very red bottom as she changed into her pyjamas. Once Hannah’s mom had tucked us up in bed and left us, we talked in low voices for a little while but soon went to sleep like good girls – neither of us wanted a second trip over the parental knee any time soon!

Contributor: Sarah

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