A series of spankings

One day, when I was 10 years old, I decided to paint a pair of my father’s dress shoes with some white paint I came across. I’m not sure why I did this – I think I was just bored.

Unsurprisingly, when my mother discovered what I had done, she told me that my father would spank me when he got home from work. It was about noon at this time, and I asked Mom when Dad would be home. She told me around 5pm – a long wait. However, I really didn’t think too much about it for the rest of the day, until dad arrived back at the house.

We were all in the kitchen right before supper and Dad was examining the damage to his shoes. Mom had phoned him during the day to tell him what happened and she had insisted that he spank me. The next thing I knew, Mom had pulled my pants and shirt off and walked me over to Dad, who was sitting on a chair at his spot – the head of the table. I felt like I was facing the judge – and I knew what the sentence would be!

Dad looked at me and asked: “Why did you do this?” I just shrugged and said: “I don’t know why – I just did.” 

Dad reached over to pull me towards him, then I heard Mom say: “Wait.” She pulled my briefs down in the back, so I was now bare butt for my sentence to be carried out. Dad put me across his lap and gave me what I can only describe as a series of spankings. They were actually three separate punishments.

The first set was not that bad and was really just many very quick slaps on my behind. It was not that bad, compared with previous spankings I had from Mom and Dad, but my butt did feel warm when he was done. Dad slapped me about 30 times. I thought I had gotten off easy, but I didn’t try to get up because this was only the second time I had got it over Dad’s lap, so I really didn’t know what to do.

After a pause of about a minute, he placed his left hand on my lower back right above my butt and smacked much harder with his right hand. These smacks were not as quick as the first set, but much harder and repeated about 20 times. This time my bottom was burning when he finished and I thought he was done. I was praying that he was. I literally was thinking: “Dear God, please let this be over – I promise I’ll be good.” Maybe I should have said this out loud, so Mom and Dad would have heard it. Maybe that would have been it.

Dad took a pause to let me think about what I did and what was going on – but then gave me the third set. This was a really good spanking. It was much harder than the previous two, with the spanks delivered slowly and forcefully, about 10 in all. It really hurt and my butt was on fire! In retrospect, I think the first two were just warm-ups for the real spanking.

With that, it appeared that Mom was now satisfied I had been suitably punished and Dad lifted me off his lap. He told me I was never to do anything like that again. “Yes, Daddy,” I replied meekly. Mom pulled my briefs back up my bottom and told me to sit in my chair. So I sat there with a simmering behind while she served supper. I didn’t eat too much.

Contributor: Eddie

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