The coat room

When I was in school in the mid 50s, the coat room was where you got swats when needed.  In the 5th grade, I had the first young teacher I had ever had and all of the boys had an immediate crush on her.

During the second or third week of school, two girls got into a fight at recess and we all thought they were going to be paddled. To our disappointment, Miss Moore said that 10-year-old girls were to old for swats and she made them stand in a corner. 

About a week later, I got into trouble and went to stand in the corner. However, to my horror, Miss Moore told me instead that I should go to the coat room and take my pants off, and that she would come in and take care of me in a few minutes. She then told the class that she believed 10 year old boys need to be spanked often and hard, and she would start with me in a few minutes. 

About 10 minutes later she came into the coat room with an 18in wooden ruler. She turned me over her knee like a mother would, pulled down my underpants and gave me 25 hard smacks with the ruler across my bare bottom. I then had to stay after school and receive another 25 smacks, again on my bare behind, before I was allowed to go home. 

Miss Moore spanked one of the boys in our class almost every day, and at least once a week it was me. The only positive thing about it was that she did not notify our parents, so I escaped getting a further bottom-warming at home. 

The real problem was that I began to look forward to having the teacher pull my pants down and spank me, and I often went out of my way to get into trouble that would result in my being spanked. 

I would especially cause trouble if there had been girls in trouble during the day, because they would have to stay after school to wash the black boards, and after school the teacher would spank my bare bottom in front of them, and not in the coat room. I found this very exciting and I have been obsessed with spanking ever since.

Contributor: Sam 

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