A team effort

This is my recollection of a very well-deserved spanking from my dad – under Mom’s supervision – when I was about 10 years old.

I was home with my mom watching TV in their bedroom one evening – Dad was still working and not home yet. I’m not exactly sure what show we were watching, but it was a drama and I thought I heard someone drop the F-bomb. I turned to mom and, with a sly grin on my face, I asked: “Did he just say fuck you?”

Mom was horrified because I had used the F-word to her, even though it was in the form of a question. She was so angry her face turned red. She grabbed me by the arm and dragged me into the living room, where she sat me on the sofa. “Stay there! When your father gets home, I’m going to get him to spank you until you can’t sit down!”

I really couldn’t believe what a mess I had got myself into. If I’m honest, at that point in my life I had been hanging out with cousins who were older than me, and I was becoming more and more defiant and belligerent, and naturally Mom was tired of it.

In what seemed like a very short period of time, Dad came home. It had been a long work day for him and he looked really frustrated when he came into the living room. He asked me what I was doing there, but I said nothing, hoping he wouldn’t ask Mom. Of course, that was a vain hope! Dad went into their bedroom and I could hear them talking. Mom told Dad she wanted me spanked so hard that I would never forget it and behave myself in future.

After a few minutes, Mom came back into the living room. “Right,” she said, “take your pyjamas off, young man.” I obeyed reluctantly until I was just standing there in my underpants. Mom pointed at them and simply said: “Those as well!” Boys of 10 usually have a developed sense of modesty and I was no different. I was horrified at the prospect of my mother seeing my bare bottom and privates, but Mom was having none of it. “I said, right now!”

I reluctantly peeled off my undies, then Mom picked me up like a baby and carried me back to the bedroom. Dad was sitting in chair in the corner of the room, waiting to give me my punishment. He rose from the chair and reached for me. As mom was handing me over to him, I grabbed and hugged her tightly around her neck to try to change her mind, but she told me to let go and gave me to Dad. They didn’t say anything, but I already knew what was going to happen.

With me now in his arms, Dad sat back down and positioned me over his lap. He gripped me around my chest with his left arm to secure me. I recalled how shocked I felt when he secured me by holding me across my chest. I knew this was to keep me from moving but I wasn’t sure why, as I would never attempt to get away or up before he was done – this would only make things worse! Later, I realised he did this because he would spank so hard that it caused me to jerk up and tense all my muscles, so he had to hold me in place to keep spanking me.

He began administering the required punishment with Mom standing right there, watching everything. She stood in front of us, with her hands on her hips, so she could see my face, Dad’s face and – most importantly – my bottom.

The very first spank was the most intense I ever got in my whole life. The sound was deafening and it felt like an electrical charge that started in the centre of my butt and radiated out and down my legs. I had never felt anything that hard before!

After a few more spanks, all of them just as hard, I was in a daze. I really couldn’t believe the mess I had gotten myself into. I didn’t say a word, and just stared straight ahead. Mom told Dad to keep spanking me she said it was enough. Dad was an amateur boxer, so he could spank really hard!

I closed my eyes and tried to pretend this wasn’t happening. Then the strangest thing happened – I felt numb. All my muscles relaxed, I dropped my head down and closed my eyes. I think they call this the ‘submissive stage’ of a spanking. I was in a daze and started hallucinating. I tried to visualize that I was walking on the beach with my family, like we had done a few times this summer.

It became difficult, because all I could hear was the sound of my bare bottom getting smacked, which quickly brought me back to reality. Neither Dad nor Mom said a word while I was being spanked. After what seemed like an eternity, Dad stopped.

I have no idea how long or how many times he spanked me. All I can remember is that when he did finally stop and let me up, everything came to a boil! When my feet hit the ground and I stood up on my own, I felt an intense surge of pain exploding from my behind and down my legs. It literally felt like someone was taking a flame thrower to my behind.

Walking was so difficult, as every little movement felt like another smack. I looked at Dad and Mom, and surprisingly neither one of them looked mad. I stood between them both, completely naked, and was embarrassed beyond words. I could see that they were both checking me out. Dad had a very concerned look on his face, and I think he was moved by how sore my butt must have looked. Mom told me when I was older that my backside was the reddest it had ever been that day, and was actually swollen.

Mom was smiling now. She told me to put my underwear on and get into their bed. She must have gone to the living room to get them when I had my eyes closed. As far as she was concerned, she had her good little boy back. It must have brought back memories of the days when she would bathe me, dress me, rub lotion on my butt, take my temperature the embarrassing way and give me an enema when I needed it.

With my underwear restored, I made as if to leave the bedroom but Mom told me to get on the bed with her and Dad. They usually watched TV in bed so I crawled into the middle of their king-size bed. I had to lie on my stomach because my bottom hurt so much. Although nothing sexual happened, I spent the night in bed with them. Occasionally, I felt one of them rubbing my head or holding my hand to comfort me. I closed my eyes and stayed that way until morning. The spanking did its work – I really was very sorry for my conduct and learned my lesson.

In the morning, it was like nothing had happened. Not a word was said about the night before and I was on my best behaviour. And that’s how my best ‘big boy Daddy spanking’ changed me back into my Mommy’s ‘spanked little boy’.

Contributor: Eddie

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