The swimming pool

When I was growing up, after Mom divorced, we often visited my relatives in Minnesota. And often we stayed at my aunt’s place, a nice farm with a nice swimming pool in the backyard. 

Given that Minnesota has beautiful summers, and given my love for swimming, I often liked going to Aunt Jane’s for the summer. She was my mom’s youngest sister, divorced and with no kids. 

One summer, right after I’d turned 14, we went up to see Aunt Jane. For the past week or so, I’d been acting up badly, and I’d been saying some means things to Mom, especially on the way up. She’d been threatening to spank me if I didn’t watch out, but I thought I was too old for that sort of thing. 

Anyway, we arrived at Aunt Jane’s and after unpacking, I undressed and changed into my swimsuit. A few minutes later, I was out at the pool. Usually, Mom and Aunt Jane came out to go swimming, too, but this time they didn’t, and I began to wonder what was up. So, after a few more laps, I got out of the pool and towelled off. 

I lay back in one of the deck chairs to work on my tan, which was now a dark brown. Almost drifting off to sleep, I heard the back door open, looked up and saw Aunt Jane and Mom walking toward me. I stood when I saw that they meant business. 

Aunt Jane told me that Mom had told her all that was going on, and that she had a very quick cure for whatever ailed me. I had a choice: be spanked by one or the other. I laughed and told them what they could do with it if they thought they were going to spank me. 

Before I knew it, they both sprang upon me, and I could literally feel the pent-up anger within Mom begin to burst. With one brutal yank she jerked down my swimsuit, revealing stark white skin against brown. Of course, I didn’t like being seen naked by either my mother or my aunt, and I fought harder. But my aunt had a firm grip on my hands, and soon the two had me bending over a deck chair. 

I felt my butt being swatted strongly, and I now knew it was Mom who was doing it. The tears began flowing, and so did many apologies, but to no avail. The spanking went on for what seemed like ages. Finally, after my rear had was beet red, Mom finally stopped and I was told to go to my room. 

However, that wasn’t the only punishment I received that day. Aunt Jane thought it best that I spend the rest of the day without clothes, just as a ‘reminder’ of my bad behaviour. I wasn’t allowed to go to my room to seek privacy – instead, I was ordered to remain in whatever part of the house either she, my mother or both were in. 

You can believe that I learned my lesson by the end of that day!

Contributor: Robert

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