Red bottom on a nudist beach

This story does not concern me, but a friend of mine I will call Peter, whom I know from my local sauna. Peter told us about this spanking, which happened when he was 14, one day when we were in our ‘cozy circle’ of friends, eating and drinking together.

Peter spent many holidays with his parents in the Baltic Sea area of the DDR (the former East Germany). Although his Peter’s own family lived in the West, they had relatives in the East.

Holidaying in the DDR had some major advantages for families from the West – because of the currency exchange rate, you could enjoy a relatively luxurious break for very little money. The Baltic area of the DDR was (and is) beautiful, with some great beaches – many of them, quite typically for the East, naturist beaches.

However, Peter’s family did not plan to visit these locations. His parents were no prudes but while nudity within your immediate family was viewed as natural and acceptable in West Germany at this time (the mid-70s), nudity in front of strangers was quite a different matter. For this reason, Peter’s parents were careful to choose a clothed beach as their holiday base.

However, children will be children and one of the kids holidaying on the clothed beach apparently came up with the idea of spying on the ‘nackedeis’ (a childish German word for people who are nude).

So it was that a group of these kids, Peter among them, sneaked up to the nudist beach and through the natural border of hedges and bushes, pointing at the bathers’ private parts and making giggling comments.

Before long, the inevitable happened, and the children were discovered by a guard from the nudist beach. The kids took to their heels, and only one was caught and detained – Peter.

He was taken to the beach’s administration office – actually a simple wooden hut. Here, he was questioned sternly about his actions and the whereabouts of his parents.

I should mention here that of course the DDR was a communist state. It was wise not to get into trouble with an authority figure of any sort – even someone as lowly as a nudist beach guard. Everyone who wore a uniform in the DDR saw themselves as a representative of the state, and they were all very unpleasant and not to be crossed.

After a few minutes of interrogation, Peter was in tears. Finally, he was brought to a telephone and he was ordered to call the beach villa which his parents had rented. After briefly talking to his parents, the beach guard escorted Peter back to his holiday home.

Once there, the guard confronted Peter’s father, and told him exactly what had happened. As I say, you didn’t want to get into trouble with the authorities in the DDR, and particularly not if you were from the West. So it is perhaps not surprising that as soon as the guard had finished explaining what had happened, Peter’s father pulled down his son’s bathing trunks and gave him a very sound bare bottom spanking in front of everyone.

Once the punishment had been administered, Peter stood there crying, hands on his newly-smacked bottom and totally naked. He tried to retrieve his trunks but his father grabbed them. He told Peter that he wouldn’t be needing those for the rest of the day, and ordered him to stay close to the villa, in a state of naked humiliation.

It was at this point that the guard spoke up. He said that if Peter was so interested in nude people, he could be invited over to the nudist beach. The offer was immediately accepted and Peter and his father went off with the guard to the other beach.

Despite his initial shyness and embarrassment, to his surprise Peter had a great time on the nudist beach. He was registered in the children’s group and spent the rest of the day taking part in sports and other games with the other kids.

Of course, the fact that he still had a very red bottom elicited quite a few embarrassing questions from both the other children and some of the adults. Peter tried to pretend it was the beginnings of sunburn, but of course no-one believed him – naughty children also got their bottoms regularly smacked in the DDR too!

Despite the teasing about having been a naughty boy, Peter enjoyed himself so much that he came back to the nudist beach day after day during that holiday – where he met the young girl who is now his wife!

Contributor: ‘Hawkeye

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