Absent without leave

When I was a junior at high school in East Texas in the 1980s, I was paddled for leaving the campus without permission.

During lunch break, I decided to get into my car and ride to the local gas station. There I filled up my tank and picked up a couple of soft drinks. Upon my return I tried to sneak into the building. Unfortunately, I ran across Miss Barton, the school secretary, who immediately requested to see my permission slip.

Of course, I was unable to present one, so I was sent to the principal’s office to be disciplined. It so happened that Mr Walker, the principal, was out of town that day. Therefore Mrs Smith, the vice-principal, dealt with me.

I had to take a seat while Mrs Smith explained to me the dangers involved in driving off campus during school hours without firs obtaining permission.

After the lecture, she announced that I was going to receive five swats of the paddle by way of punishment. I was ordered to empty my back pockets and bend over the desk while Mrs Smith grabbed a big wooden paddle.

Miss Barton was called into the office to act as a witness to this dose of corporal punishment. Mrs Smith explained to Miss Barton why I was being spanked, and that I was to receive five swats.

Then she lifted her right arm and applied the paddle forcefully to the seat of my pants. I gasped as the pain spread across my bottom. By the time swat number five landed across my buttocks, I was moaning in agony.

Once the spanking had been given, Mrs Smith ordered me to get up and compose myself. She asked me if I had learned my lesson and of course I obediently replied: “Yes, ma’am”.

Needless to say, I never left the campus without permission again!

Contributor: Stephan

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