Sleeping naked

When I was about 14, I was sleeping in the living room on a pull-out bed (or ‘castro’). Although it was expressly forbidden, I mostly slept naked because I found it much more comfortable.

My sister, three years my senior, had the second bedroom. Next door to us lived my aunt with her daughter, who was the same age as my sister – her name was Linda. One morning, Linda came to call on my sister. The apartment’s front door was in the kitchen, then came the living room, then the two bedrooms.

My mother was making breakfast and told Linda to go wake up my sister. She opened the living room door and found me sleeping, uncovered, on my stomach with my bare bottom fully exposed. Linda knew I would be in deep trouble if she told my mother.

She pulled the sheet over me and then proceeded to get my mother. My mom came in and uncovered me to verify her story, and told my cousin to go get her mother. I was awakened with a smack to my bottom and found myself surrounded by my mom and my two aunts, along with my sister and my cousin Linda, the rat.

My mom held me down with her hand in the small of my back and told me what happened. I promised desperately that I would not sleep in the nude again. Mom told me I needed to learn a good lesson – but said I would not be strapped if I did as she ordered this morning. 

I was then told to get out of bed and make it. This required me to fold it after I made the bed and restore it to its couch form. I first reached for my shorts, which were lying on the floor, but my mom grabbed them first and said I should have thought of that before Linda saw me. 

I was stunned and could feel myself turning red as I made the bed naked with this female audience watching me. When the couch was done, my two aunts sat down on it with my cousin. My mom and sister took the two other chairs in the room. This left me standing there, covering my manhood with my hands. 

Mom then ordered me over my cousin’s lap. Linda was seated in the middle and each aunt at opposite ends of me one held my feet and my head. Linda put her hand on the small of my back while my aunts held me down. 

Then Linda started to spank me. As she spanked my bottom, my aunts also took turns in between the smacks my cousin was giving – so it would be a spank from Linda, then my aunt, who was not a hard hitter, but since she was at my feet the spank would land right between my cheeks. My other aunt was my cousin’s mother and felt I deserved to be spanked hard – she would land her hand between my cheeks so hard I could feel her fingers against my anus. 

The spanking continued and as I kept moving to avoid my aunt’s hand, Linda would comment what a nice view she had of my bottom. The spanking lasted for what seemed like an hour but was probably around 20 minutes.

Then I was ordered over to my mother’s lap with my now-red bottom facing the audience on the couch. My sister got up and stood next to my mom, and they took turns spanking me, with my sister standing over me. Her spanking was harder than the others. The two of them spanked me until the audience made comments about coffee and beakfast. 

My spanking was over but as the coffee was being served with some bagels, I had to stand in the corner. The conversation they were having was how much fun spanking me later would be when I would have to be over each one’s lap. When they were done a chair from the kitchen was brought to the middle of the living room floor.

Once again, my cousin Linda was first to spank me. She sat down and I was ordered over her lap. My bottom was still red but as I lay there I just thought of the cool breeze coming in from the window right on my rear end. This relief was short-lived, as I felt my cousin’s hand spanking my bare bottom again. 

I am an adult now but I still sleep with nothing on! 

Contributor: Salvatore

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