The pond – and big trouble

As I mentioned in my story Spanking At The Campsite, the family friend I knew through church as Aunt Gege (although her real name was Kirsten) babysat me a lot during my childhood, along with the parents of my best friend Hannah.

The incident I want to tell you about this time happened when I was eight years old. Our church held a barbecue in one of the local parks. In that park was a duck pond. However, all us kids were strictly forbidden to go near it without adult supervision, for obvious safety reasons.

After eating our meal, one of the Sunday school teachers took us kids to the park’s playground while Aunt Gege and the other adults held a small service, with a few songs and a sermon from our pastor.

When the service ended, it was time for us all to leave, so Aunt Gege went to pick me up from the playground. However, neither I  nor Hannah were anywhere to be found and naturally both Aunt Gege and the Sunday school teacher were very concerned.

While out searching, the Sunday school teacher finally found us – we were with Hannah’s dad, who had his daughter by one hand and me by the other. He had found us both near the forbidden pond and boy, was he mad!

The two adults knelt down so they were at eye level with us two children, and roundly scolded us for disobeying the rules. Finally, Hannah’s dad stood back up, grabbed his daughter by the hand again and walked her towards the family car. As he did so, I heard him promise Hannah a sound spanking when he got her home.

I didn’t hold out much hope for my own little bottom and sure enough, as soon as Aunt Gege got me back in her car, she said: “When we get home, young lady, you’re going to get a good spanking as well!”

When we arrived back at her house, Aunt Gege told me: “Go to your room and change into your pyjamas, then sit on your bed and wait for me. I’ll be up to deal with you directly.”

I did as I was told and sat nervously on my doomed bottom for about 15 minutes before I heard her footsteps on the stairs.

Aunt Gege sat down on my bed and had me stand in front of her, while she once more lectured me about why what I had done was very naughty and disobedient. Then she pulled down my pyjama pants, followed in short order by my panties.

I was put firmly across her knee, she raised her hand and began to spank my bare bottom. Because it was a serious matter of both safety and disobedience, I got a severe bottom warming – three times my age, 24 smacks in all. I cried like a much younger girl as I received my punishment.

You may remember from my previous stories that I often wet the bed until I was about 10 years old. Once she had finished the spanking, Aunt Gege told me to fetch a diaper so she could get me ready for an early bedtime. I was still crying, albeit now a little more softly, as I had a diaper put on my very sore little bottom.

Aunt Gege then gave me another little lecture about obeying, then hugged me, told me she still loved me, and tucked me up in bed. I was so upset from the spanking that I cried myself to sleep.

The next day I spoke to Hannah – her dad had also given her bum a good, hard tanning and we girls both had trouble sitting comfortably in school that day.

Contributor: Sarah

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