Correction That Corrects: Chapter XIV, part VI

HOLDING BREATH. A baby, or even a child several years of age, may, through temper, hold the breath. I strongly advise spanking for this practice. I certainly disapprove of the popular “remedy,” dashing cold water in the child’s face, since such can lead to brain shock. A woman will find that spanking results in the child ceasing from breath-holding, yet contrary to popular belief the danger of bad results from instant punishment is very remote.

SWEARING AND BAD LANGUAGE. The young mother desirous of having her children “clean of mouth” surely has a task these days. Shocking is it to hear the language of children, some but babies. Again, eternal vigilance is the price of clean-mouthed children. In the case of very young children, little or nothing in the nature of appeal can be done, so spanking should be tried. Of course it is unjust to the child to punish it for the first “offense,” but once a child has been sufficiently warned and does not heed, my method is to spank.

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