Painting the woodshed

As I have mentioned in other stories, my own family and that of my friend Hannah were close friends. Hannah and I were almost like twins and because of that, both parents had been given permission to discipline the others’ daughter as if she were there own – in other words, permission to spank!

One Saturday I was at Hannah’s house for a sleepover. I think we’d both be around 11 years old, and the trouble started that afternoon. I can’t remember what Hannah’s mom was doing but she was not at home. Her dad, meanwhile, was working on some project in his garage.

We were somewhat bored and kept going into the garage but Hannah’s dad eventually told us not to interrupt him any more, and to go play in the garden.

During the course of that afternoon, Hannah’s dad needed to go and get something from the local DIY centre. We were to stay home. “I’m only going to be gone an hour at most. In the meantime, I don’t want you girls going in that garage, understood?” We nodded.

When he had left, we spent a bit of time discussing what we should do. As I said, we were very bored. Eventually, Hannah suggested we could paint the family’s woodshed. She said there was a can of paint in the garage.

Forgetting (or maybe ignoring) the fact that we had been forbidden to go in there, we nevertheless found the paint. The can was partly used but was nevertheless heavy and as we moved it, we managed to spill quite a bit of it on the floor. Hannah found some paper towels and threw them over the stray paint.

We then started to paint the woodshed. I suppose most kids would have found it a chore but we had a fun time. Then we heard: “What on earth are you two girls doing?”

We turned around to see that Hannah’s dad had returned. He had a bag from the DIY store in one hand and was looking very sternly at us. “You were told not to go in the garage but you chose to disobey me. You’ve made a heck of a mess, and now you’re going to be punished for that disobedience.”

He put down the bag, then grabbed both me and Hannah and marched us up to her bedroom. We were then made to stand in the corner while her dad went back downstairs to put away the things he had bought.

Once he had done so, he came back upstairs and got us out of our respective corners. “You girls have been very naughty and disobedient. I’m going to spank both your behinds for this,” he said.

I was put back in my corner, nose to the wall, then I heard Hannah being taken over her dad’s knee and he began to spank her. The room was filled with the sound of Hannah’s crying and her dad’s hand smacking her bottom hard.

It wasn’t a very long spanking but it clearly hurt and Hannah was put back in her corner, now crying freely. “Sarah – you’re next!” her dad told me.

I approached him fearfully and, just like his own daughter, I was turned over his knee and soundly spanked. Hannah’s dad could smack just as hard as my own father and very soon I was wriggling and crying like a four-year-old getting her first spanking rather than a big girl of 11.

Once we had both been given a good sore bottom, Hannah’s dad said: “When you’re both finished crying, you can come downstairs and clear up the mess you made. You’ll be going to bed straight after dinner and there will be no candy or movie.”

After we had cleared up, Hannah’s dad hugged us both to make it clear we were forgiven. Nevertheless, we still went straight to bed that night with no treats and two very sore bottoms.

Contributor: Sarah

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