Camp bully’s sore bottom

By the time I was 11, it was around six months since I last wet the bed, so I was no longer in diapers at night. I had joined the scouts and during the fall we went away on camp for the weekend.

When we arrived at the camp area, we were placed in small ‘houses’, with six girls and one scout leader in each house. While we unpacked, I noticed a girl a year or two younger than me had diapers in her bag – she was obviously still a bedwetter.

Some of the other girls teased her about this. And although I knew how difficult it was to wet the bed at that age, because I was one of the new girls, to my shame instead of defending the other girl I joined in the teasing, calling her a ‘baby scout’ because of her diapers.

Our house leader scolded us about our behaviour, but I took very little notice and after the unpacking was complete, I took a glass of water and poured it over the little girl’s pants, saying: “Oh dear – the baby has wet her pants. Maybe she needs to get diapered?”

By this time, my scout leader had really had it with my behaviour. She called my parents and told them to pick me up immediately, and added that I was suspended from scouts for a month.

Needless to say, my parents were not at all pleased with my behaviour. Mom eventually arrived at the camp and was really mad – once she had collected my bags and put them in the car, she made me apologise to all the leaders for my misbehaviour. As Mom marched me back to the car, she smacked my bottom all the way.

As we drove home, she scolded and lectured me continually. She reminded me that with my own history of bedwetting, I should know better about how that little girl felt.

As we got closer to home, Mom made a pit-stop at our local grocery store. I asked what she was buying and she told me: “Diapers! Since you think it’s so funny to tease other girls, I think you should be reminded about how it feels to wear diapers every night!”

We went out to to the shop. I tried to argue with Mom but she just gave me a hard smack on the seat of my pants. Sure enough, she bought some diapers – and not the pull-ups I had worn in my latter years but proper diapers. It was totally humiliating.

When we got home, Dad took over the discipline. He gave me a sound scolding, then took me to my bedroom. Once we were there, he didn’t say very much else, other than I was a very naughty girl, he was very disappointed in my behaviour and I was in for a very hard spanking. 

Then it was over Daddy’s knee for this little girl. He spanked me hard with his hand, as he always did. I cried a lot, again as I always did when I got a spanking. When it was over, Dad hugged me and assured me I was still loved. Then he told me to get ready for bed.

He added: “Mommy is coming up to diaper you before bed, since you thought it was so funny that the other little girl wore diapers. You are going to be diapered every day after school until that diaper bag is empty, Sarah!”

So that’s what happened. To make it worse, I wasn’t actually allowed to ‘go’ in the diaper, on the threat of another spanking. Instead, I had to ask my Mommy or Daddy to take me to the bathroom to toilet me.

There were diapers for 14 days– it was horrible. To complete my punishment, on the day of the last diaper, Mom put me across her knee and gave me one more spanking, to remind me never to bully anyone again. 

Contributor: Sarah

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