The cookie thief

This happened one summer – I was around seven or eight years old and on vacation at my grandparents’ farm.

It was a rainy day, so grandmother suggested that after lunch, we should bake cookies while my grandfather was in the barn feeding the animals. It was all great fun mixing up all the stuff that had to go into the cookie dough.

While the cookies were baking in the oven, my grandmother told me to go and play with some of my toys. However, I was so fascinated with the baking process that I kept going back into the kitchen to look at the cookies through the oven door. My grandmother was not pleased – she lectured me for being in the kitchen without permission, and she sent me to watch TV in the living room with a sharp smack to my bottom.

While watching TV, through the kitchen door I could see my grandmother take the cookies out of the oven. I was very excited that there would soon be freshly-baked cookies to eat. I asked my grandmother if I could have one – but I was told firmly that they were too hot, and anyway we had to wait until my grandfather came in for his afternoon coffee to sample them. I wasn’t best pleased with that, but went back to my TV.

Eventually, my grandmother slipped out of the kitchen to do something else. I snuck back in there, took a spatula and tried to reach for a cookie. Of course, my grandmother caught me in the act. She told me off again and said I would have to wait.

I tried telling her I was hungry – she replied that I could have some fruit, to which I replied in disgust: “Eew!” Grandmother was by now losing patience with me. She told me not to be rude, and I was put to sit in ‘time out’ in the living room, again accompanied by another sharp smack to my bottom. Grandmother told me that if she caught me near the cookies one more time, I would get a proper spanking.

I’m sorry to say that during that time out, I was not thinking about my behaviour – I was only thinking about the cookies. When my punishment was over, I pretended to play with my toys – but when grandmother went out to see how my grandfather was doing, I went into the kitchen again and this time took a cookie.

I was about to take my prize back to my bedroom, but my grandmother had seen me sneaking out of the kitchen – and noticed she was one cookie short.

I heard her stern voice behind me. “Sarah – stop right there!” I tried to hide the cookie behind a bag I was carrying but my grandmother demanded to see my hands, and there was no escape. I held out both hands, and there was the cookie in one of them.

“You are a very naughty girl!” my grandmother told me. She took me by the arm and walked me to my bedroom. She sat down on my bed and looked me in the eye. “That’s a very disobedient girl! Didn’t I tell you you would get a good spanking if you didn’t leave those cookies alone?”

She didn’t wait for an answer but instead began undoing my pants, which were lowered and then swiftly followed by my panties, leaving me bare from the waist down.

Then my grandmother put me firmly face down across her knee and began to spank my bare bottom. I got about 10 or so sharp smacks with her hand and because my poor little bum had no protection they stung a great deal and the punishment made me cry, as indeed it was intended to.

Eventually it was over. I was stood back on my feet and got a hug as I cried into my grandmother’s soft bosom and she rubbed my little bare bottom better. She told me she still loved me, and that I could come out of my room when I had stopped crying and was ready to say sorry and behave myself.

I finally emerged about 15 minutes later and said sorry like a good girl to both my grandmother and grandfather. They were both drinking coffee and eating a cookie but because I was still being punished, I wasn’t given one. However, after dinner my grandmother relented and I finally got to taste the cookies which had cost me such a well-smacked bottom.

Contributor: Sarah

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