Some early fireworks

I was eight years old – almost nine – and a family picnic for the Fourth of July. It was at my aunt and uncle’s home, which had a swimming pool and a huge plot of land, so it was the ideal place to host a party that would feature lots of kids. 

My cousins and I were swimming when my older cousin Tom, who was 13, confided to us that he had acquired some bottle rockets and firecrackers. He suggested that we sneak off and shoot them off.  

There were just two problems with this plan. One, it is very hard for a crowd of eight kids aged between six and 13 to ‘sneak’ anywhere and two, lighting firecrackers is not a very sneaky activity. 

We went back in the woods, well out of sight of the house, and Tom started to set them off. Then he moved on to the bottle rockets and started giving other kids a turn. And then my aunt showed up – right when I was holding the matches, of course, so I couldn’t claim to be an uninvolved spectator! 

She was beyond furious and gave us a long and frantic lecture. “Don’t you know how dangerous this was? You could have blown off your finger! You could have lost an eye! You could have started a fire!”

After a few minutes of lecturing, she sentenced her own kids to a spanking and added that she was sure the other parents would agree with this course of action. I was also very sure of this, and we nervously made our trip back to the house.

My aunt told my mom and my other aunt what we kids had been up to, which set off another round of lectures. By the time the spanking was ready to start, I was almost relieved, because it meant the lectures were over. 

We were marched into the living room and ordered to bare our bottoms. Since we were all wearing just our bathing suits, this meant baring our everything. This was especially embarrassing for my 11-year-old cousin Jessica, as she had started puberty and already had small, budding breasts. 

She had one hand clamped over her nether regions and the other over her chest. My cousin Tom also had both of his hands clamped on his privates. The rest of us younger kids were a lot more worried about our backsides than our front sides, however!

While we children were stripping, the moms had disappeared to arm themselves for the spanking. They each returned bearing a wooden spoon – Tom’s mom also had a belt. They spanked oldest to youngest so that meant Tom, Jessica and my brother Jake were first.  My mom started on Jake with the wooden spoon right away, not wasting anytime on a hand spanking warm-up.  He yelped and howled after about the first 10 spanks, giving me a vision of my not-too-distant future.

Jessica’s mom was paddling away on her hind end, and her daughter was screaming and resisting. Jessica’s mom had to use her leg to keep her child in place and hold her hands behind her back.  When she was finally done, she jumped off of her mom’s lamp and began dancing around trying to rub the sting out. All of her modesty from a few minutes before was gone and I could now see that she had started to grow pubic hair. 

Since Tom had provided the fireworks and the matches, he was getting the worst spanking of all. His mom started thrashing his bottom with the wooden spoon and she finished with 15 cracks of the belt. I had never seen someone spanked with a belt before and I found it very frightening. Tom’s bottom was fire engine red when she was done and he also provided quite a dance. 

I remember being amazed at how his penis flopped around. Tom was the first boy I had seen naked after puberty. He had pubic hair and his penis was much bigger than either of my brothers’. I think I would have really enjoyed the show if I wasn’t about to be a part of it.

My mom grabbed me and pulled me over her lap. Just like with my brother, she started with the spoon right away. She whacked in a rhythm, left cheek, right cheek, crack, left sit spot, right sit spot, repeat.  It was one of the hardest spankings I had had to that point in my life, and I was hysterical. When I was released, I began jumping around, rubbing. 

Finally, my little brother and my youngest cousin had their turn. They were only six so they were started with the hand and finished with the spoon. Their spanking was definitely the lightest of the eight children, but it was still a serious spanking for two six-year-olds.

After we had all been done, the moms told us to get dressed and get out of the house. Then they left us eight naked, sniffling cousins, trying to get wet swimsuits back on over sore bottoms. We eventually dressed and returned to the pool to cool off our burning behinds. The girls had it worse, because our red bottoms peeked out from under our swimsuits.

The rest of the picnic was nice, but we all had to endure the ‘dad jokes’ of the grown-ups, including one who remarked: “It looks like the fireworks started early this year!” 

Contributor: Jillian

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