Turn and turn about

My first recollection of a spanking is one I received when I was four years old, although I know from family conversations that I received corporal punishment before then.

My older sister told me later in life that when mother was not around, she would get a giggle by lowering my diaper and smacking me on my bare bottom.  She said it was only a ‘play spanking’ and she never really hurt me, although she said I did cry and try to crawl away as she swatted my bare bottom. I do not remember these incidents, however.

Some people (especially those with no experience of parenthood) don’t realise that even very little boys can get erections, and this phenomenon was something I was experiencing quite frequently even at four. My penis would stick straight out, rather than up, but I would be hard. At the time, of course, I didn’t really know what was going on – I knew it felt good, but the feeling was by no means overtly sexual in nature.  

I would get these erections fairly often. I remember it happening once when I was playing with my sister and another girl cousin in my swim trunks. I went to my mother and told her something was wrong – she simply pulled the front of my trunks open, readjusted my penis so it wasn’t so obvious and sent me back to play with the girls. (I found out later that I had a condition called priapism, which means I could maintain a hard-on for several hours at up time, even after ejaculation – much to my wife’s delight and pleasure!)

One thing I would do when I was little was to take my sister’s dolls and place them all around the house, face down, panties down and bare bottoms showing.  I did this because it made me ‘feel good’.  My mother never said anything about this – she would just come along, pull the dolls panties up and set them upright.  I assume she knew I was doing it and not my sister. 

It was this practice that led to one of my more memorable spankings. I thought: “If I can do that to dolls, why not my sister?” And so it began – I would go up behind my sister very innocently, and either raise her dress or pull down her shorts to see her panties.  We were close as siblings so she never said anything to our mother about it – she would just pull her shorts up and re-adjust her panties.

Then came a hot summer night of 1972, right before dark, and we were in the family swimming pool.  Again, I was four and my sister almost four years older.  When she stood in the pool, which wasn’t very deep at all, her butt was pretty much out of the water.  

It was then that a lightbulb came on in my head. If I pulled my sister’s shorts down, I saw her panties. So if I pulled her bikini bottoms down, I would see her bare bottom, just like the dolls!  

The prospect was too exciting for me to resist. I started pretending to chase her and she in turn pretended to run away. Then I did it – I just did it. I grabbed the waistband of her swim shorts and there were her pale white bottom cheeks in all their glory.  I was mesmerised by her tan lines.

My sister took it in good part. She just laughed and pulled her bottoms up. Then she began chasing me – she wanted my trunks down now! I purposely let her catch me and down they came. I felt a tingle in my tummy – it was a naughty rush to know my sister was looking at my bare bottom. I loved it, although I don’t think there was anything particularly sexual about it. We were just two kids having some fun.

After letting her get a good view of my bare behind, I turned around and started chasing her again. She allowed me to catch her and again, and I got another glimpse of her bottom. We laughed and giggled, and continued trading off baring each other’s bottoms.  It was all innocent fun to us – it was not, however, to our mom.

Mom was outside keeping a desultory eye on us, but was really only there to make sure we didn’t drown. What else we did, she didn’t generally mind – but apparently this she did. She stopped us and warned me (not my sister) that if I continued to repeat my behaviour, I would get a spanking on my bare bottom.  

She walked away. My sister looked at me. I looked at her. There was a moment of silence, then we started splashing and giggling again – and pulling each other’s swimsuit down.

I got two more looks at her lovely eight-year-old bottom, then I felt two strong maternal hands under my armpits and I was pulled out of the pool. As I was in mid-air, I felt my swim trunks being pulled off and by the time my feet hit the ground, they were completely gone.  I felt the warm night air against my wet bare bottom, and I must say that for a moment, it felt very naughty to be that way.

My feet had hardly touched the ground then they were off it again, as I was bent over my mother’s knee with my bottom presenting her the perfect target.  There was instantly a sharp smack to my butt crack as mom’s hand found its first mark.  Mom preferred to spank us right over our bottom cracks.  

Then another sharp slap fell across my bare bottom.  It stung a lot – my mother was very serious about this spanking.  Normally, when I was spanked, I would plead with my mother not to do so just prior to the punishment commencing, but once that first slap fell across my bare bottom, I tried to just be quiet and endure what was coming to me.  In this instance, however, I hadn’t even had time to plead my cause.

Another smack fell on both my bare cheeks and by now my bottom was really stinging. Mom had found her rhythm and was now spanking methodically – right cheek, left cheek, then across my crack.

I was crying of course and Mom scolded me as she spanked. She asked: “So how do you like to see your sister’s bare bottom now?” Well, truth be told, I would have still liked to have seen it very much – especially if it had been her instead of me draped across the maternal lap. But, of course, I couldn’t tell Mom that!

My cheeks were red hot and sore.  As Mom slowed down, returning to just smacking across my crack, I knew the spanking was coming to an end.  Through my tears, I saw my sister leaning over the pool with a very pleased look on her face. Needless to say, she had been watching the whole of the ordeal from beginning to end once she’d pulled her bottoms back on.

Mom finally let me up, sobbing and with my little erect penis on display. Because of my tears, my eyes couldn’t focus to find my trunks. I felt Mom shove them in my hands, then she told me to go inside and get ready for bed. She added that I shouldn’t worry about getting dressed for bed, as I would be sleeping with my bottom bare and burning all night to think about the consequences of ever disobeying her again.

The odd thing in all this is that both my sister and I were regularly spanked by our mother. However, my sister was only ever spanked over her panties. For me, it was always bare bottom. Now, how is that fair?

Contributor: Branson

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