A week of spankings

I got my last spankings from my Dad when I was 14 years old, about four months before I turned 15. Me and my friend Anna were out shopping for clothes but nothing really fitted our taste, so to spice things up Anna dared me to steal something. We had both been brought up in good Christian homes and knew stealing was very wrong, but I decided to try and take something small anyway.

Presently, I saw this necklace. It didn’t cost that much but was still more money than I had, so I stuck it in my pocket. On our way out the shop owner stopped us and we were taken to his back office. We were ordered to empty our pockets and since I was the only one that had taken something, Anna was told to leave.

The owner then called the police. They arrived about half an hour later and took me to the station, where my dad was called to pick me up after the police had talked with him.

When he got there, my dad was told about what had happened, and was informed that since the amount concerned was so low and because of my age, no further action would be taken. They hoped I had learned my lesson. Dad made me shake hands with the officers, apologise and promise I would never shoplift again.

Daddy didn’t say anything on the way home, but once he had parked the car outside the house, he told me to get changed ready for bed, and that once he and Mommy had talked about this, he would come up and deal with me.

Once I got to my room, I put on my pyjamas and began to cry. I lay down on my bed, waiting for Daddy, but it was around a full hour before he finally came up to see me.

He sat on my bed and had me sit near to him, looking him in the eye while he lectured me. “What were you thinking?” he demanded. Then he announced my punishment that he and Mom had decided on.

Firstly, I was going to get a very hard spanking. Secondly, I would be grounded for three weeks. Finally, for the first week I was grounded, I would get a spanking every night at bedtime, because Mom had thought one spanking for something as serious as shoplifting was not sufficient.

As I have mentioned previously, Daddy didn’t spank my bare bottom because he thought it was inappropriate that a father should see his daughter’s private parts.

He put me over his knee. Usually – again, as I have mentioned before – I got double my age in spanks, but this time there was no such limit. Daddy spanked me long and hard, and the punishment went on for about five minutes solid. I cried a lot, as you might expect.

Afterwards, he hugged and reassured me as usual. I was allowed to come down to the kitchen to get something to eat, then I was put straight to bed again.

During the week that followed, every afternoon when I got home from school I was ordered to change for bed, and after dinner, Daddy would take me to my room and administer a bedtime spanking. These subsequent punishments were not as severe as the initial spanking, as Daddy reverted to giving me double my age in smacks. That said, they still produced the expected tears and every time I would cry myself to sleep.

Contributor: Sarah

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