Finally on the bare

When I was a boy, my mother kept a strap that she would use to chastise me once in awhile. She usually gave me between 15 and 25 licks when she thought I needed it. The strapping was always done through the seat of my pants but even fully clothed, it still stung a lot.

Occasionally, if I was being really difficult or obnoxious, my mother would threaten me with a more severe punishment of ‘at least 50 on the bare bottom, young man’. Even though I knew it would hurt a lot, for some strange reason there was part of me that wanted to know how it would feel.

Then one night it finally happened. On the last day of school, my mother had given me envelopes with three credit card payments to mail. She gave me the standard threat of a dose of the strap if I failed to mail them. I put them in my knapsack and headed off to school.

Well, I promptly forgot about mailing those payments. Three days later I was in my room, reading. Because it was warm and humid, I was wearing only my underpants. All of a sudden, I heard my mother coming up the stairs, calling me and saying that she wanted a word with me.

As she burst into the room, I instinctively pulled the bed covers up to my neck. My mother had the unmailed payments in one hand – and the strap in the other. She was livid.

“I want you out of that bed right now!” she yelled. “Mom,” I demurred, “I’m only in my underwear.” “I don’t care if you’re buck-ass naked underneath those covers – out of that bed now!”

After some major lecture time, she ordered me to bend over the foot of my bed. Then it happened. “Underwear off, young man!” “Please Mom,” I begged, “not on the bare.” Mom put the strap up to my face. “You’re gonna get at least 60 licks with this – would you care to make it 70 instead?”

I was now quite a big boy and didn’t want my mother to see my bare bottom, but I simply had no choice. I took my underpants down and bent over the bed.

Mom lost no time in applying a strapping to my naked cheeks and it was like nothing I’d had before. I had no idea that a strapping could hurt so much.

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