The slipper for girls

When I was a girl, corporal punishment for unruly children was an accepted norm of family life. If you misbehaved, you got your bottom smacked. Children understood this, it kept family life in order and I daresay it did most of us a great deal of good.

If you were brought up in the UK in the era I’m talking about, chances are many of you – like me – got the slipper from one or both parents. It was a very typical punishment implement for British children, even up to around the 1980s.

Being a girl, I guess, I got my own spankings exclusively from my mum. I vaguely remember getting the occasional smacked bottom from my dad, but by the time I was considered old enough to be ‘promoted’ to the slipper, I presume it was felt unsuitable for dad to see my bare bottom and privates. Lord knows it was bad enough with mum seeing my bum and fanny when the occasion arose for corporal punishment!

The punishment was delivered in the most traditional manner. I would be taken to my bedroom for it. I can still remember the grip of my mum’s firm hand on mine as she led me upstairs for a whacking.

Once privacy had been established and the door and windows closed (though I’m sure my yells could still be heard throughout the house and maybe outside too – I didn’t like to think about that), Mum would draw out the chair from my homework desk and sit herself down. The slipper used on my bottom (an old one of my father’s) was kept in one of my desk drawers and would be quickly extracted.

I was a bit of a tomboy, so would normally be wearing jeans. These would be taken down summarily, closely followed by my knickers. Then would come the traditional lecture – usually a lot of stuff about how I had let Mum down, how I had let myself down yada yada yada. Bad enough in any circumstances but with your bum and fanny exposed, it was even worse!

Just before I was put over her knee, Mum would invariably say something like: “It’s a good job you’re not a boy, Deborah, or it would be the cane for you. But the slipper is the best thing for girls’ bottoms.”

Then I would spend the next few minutes gazing at my bedroom carpet, getting my upturned bare bum soundly whacked with the slipper. Mum was an efficient spanker and wouldn’t let me up until my entire bottom was a deep red and very sore. It hurt very much and I cried like a baby every time.

Afterwards, Mum would put the slipper away, help me pull my clothes back up, then leave me to have a cry. When I was ready, I could then go back downstairs, naturally with a tear-stained face and much chastened.

When I was in my late teens, and too old to be smacked, I got up the courage to ask Mum what she’d meant in her remarks about the cane. She replied: “Boys are tougher, and they need something more severe to get the lesson through to their bottoms. If I’d had a son, I would definitely have used a cane.

“But girls are more sensitive. Of course, it still has to hurt, but especially when you were young, just the shame of a bare bottom spanking was enough to really upset you and make you mend your ways. The slipper hurts enough and gives a girl a good sore bottom, but it’s not too severe. When you have children, Deborah, you must promise me that if it’s a girl, you’ll not use anything more than the slipper.”

I nodded, but actually I knew even then that when I had children of my own, I wouldn’t spank them at all – because of a shameful little secret I could tell no-one about, especially Mum.

From quite an early age, maybe around nine years old, I had discovered that although a slippering felt horrid at the time, it was succeeded by a much more pleasant sensation soon after it was over. The warmth and tingling feeling Mum had created on my bottom cheeks would eventually curl around from my bum to my fanny. I learned that putting a pillow between my legs and rubbing up and down it felt really good.

By the time I was in double figures, if I was alone in the house, I sometimes would fish the slipper out of my desk, take my knickers down and spank myself – not as hard as Mum did for punishment, but enough to make my bottom warm and pink. Then I would lie back on my bed and wank.

Because of this aspect of my sexuality, I decided it would be very wrong to use corporal punishment on any children I had (I’m a mother of two grown-up boys).

I still get my bottom smacked, but now by my husband for pleasure. We have a slipper similar to the one I received as a child and I go across his knee for it, my knickers round my ankles like I’m a girl again. For me, a hard slippering is an excellent preparation for sex, as I lie there with a sore bottom while my husband does the business.

Contributor: Debbie

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