Naughty at bedtime

Until I was around nine or 10 years old, I wet the bed at night and therefore wore pull-up diapers. Because of this problem, I did not host or attend many sleepovers – only with very close friends.

The following incident happened when I was eight and spent a few nights with my best friend Hannah and her family.  

Hannah’s parents were good friends with my own folks at church and often babysat me when my parents needed it. At this particular time, I was staying them for a few days during a school week because my parents were away for their wedding anniversary.

We had been good girls for most of the week. We made it like a sleepover – when we got home from school, we changed into pyjamas and then did our homework.

All was well until the Thursday night. After our homework was done, we played and began to act silly. Hannah’s mom had to remind us several times to play nicely, and to calm down before bedtime.

When I put on my diaper for the night, Hannah asked if she could try one too. It was so funny see her wearing a diaper too. Then it was bedimte, and Hannah’s mom came and kissed us goodnight. However, we were in no mood to go to sleep. We kept talking and playing music, and Hannah’s mom came in several times to reprimand us.

Finally, she told us that if we hadn’t calmed down and were in bed within five minutes, she would give us both a spanking. Unfortunately, we didn’t take the threat seriously and after hearing music again, she came in and caught us dancing around with our pillows.

Hannah’s mom turned off the music. “You are both very naughty girls!” she said. “Hannah, what did I say would happen if you didn’t go to sleep?” With tears in her eyes, Hannah obediently replied: “A spanking, Mom.” “That’s right,” her mom replied.

“Sarah, you go and stand in the corner while I give Hannah her spanking. Then it will be your turn.” I got to the corner and looked over my shoulder in time to see Hannah’s mom taking down her pyjama pants. It was then, of course, that she saw that her daughter was wearing a diaper.

“Why have you got that on?” she demanded of her daughter. “I…I thought it would be funny,” Hannah replied. Her mother bit her lip a bit, as if she was trying to keep from laughing, but she was determined to do her motherly duty and smack our bottoms.

She pulled down the diaper and I caught a glimpse of Hannah’s bare bottom as she was put across her Mom’s knee. With my nose now in the corner, I listened to the sound of her mother’s hand slapping Hannah’s buttocks and my friend crying.

After she had finished spanking her daughter, Hannah’s mom called me across from out of the corner. As with her own daughter, she calmly took down my pyjama pants, and then my diaper, then placed me, bare bottomed, across her knee. It wasn’t a terrible punishment – like Hannah, I got one smack for each year of my age – but it stung and made me cry too.

After we had both been done, Hannah’s mom gave us both a perfunctory hug to calm us down a little, then we were put to bed with our sore bottoms – and cried ourselves to sleep.

Contributor: Sarah

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