Walking into trouble

When we were nine – almost 10 – my friend Glyn and I were mad about dogs. I wanted one but my parents vetoed the idea. Glyn’s family had a lovely old German Shepherd who we spent a lot of time fussing and playing with.

One thing Glyn wasn’t allowed to do with the dog, though, was to take it for a walk. I don’t think his parents felt he was responsible enough. Sheba was certainly a big, powerful animal, so maybe it was a question of the ability to control her. At any rate, it wasn’t allowed.

That didn’t stop us talking about dogs a lot when we played together, though. Then one day, I had a bright idea. “Why don’t we just take someone else’s dog for a walk?” I asked. “They wouldn’t let us,” Glyn replied. “Miss Preece would.”

Miss Preece was a spinster teacher who lived up the road from Glyn. She had a border collie named Sam, who was always out in the garden and whom we frequently petted through the gate. “Come on, let’s go ask her.”

When we got there, Sam was there but there was no sign of Miss Preece. We went into the garden and knocked on the door. No reply. What we did find, hanging up on a hook from the garage wall, was Sam’s lead. “Let’s help her out by walking Sam while she’s gone,” I said. Glyn was dubious but I overruled him. I took down the lead and Sam, of course delighted at the prospect of some exercise, bounded up to be put on it. “We needn’t be long,” I said. We set off.

What we didn’t know was that Miss Preece was actually next door, talking to her neighbour. When she got back, she was horrified to find her beloved dog gone. Fortunately for her – unfortunately for us – another neighbour across the road had seen us, but had assumed we had permission to walk Sam.

Miss Preece then climbed in her car and set off around the nearby streets, looking for us. She quickly tracked down us, and Sam, about three blocks away. She made it clear in no uncertain terms that we were in big trouble, and ordered us to climb in the back of the car. Sam sat in the front – the only one in the vehicle without a worry in the world.

Once we got back, Miss Preece loosed Sam in the garden again, then took us inside. We fully expected her next move to involve calling our parents, and we were both in no doubt what would be the upshot – two very sore bottoms!

However, to our shock and horror, Miss Preece said: “You two boys need sorting out, but I prefer to do my own dirty work. That way, I can be sure you get what’s coming to you. Wait there!”

When she came back, she was carrying a large wooden spoon. She sat down on a chair and pointed the spoon at Glyn. “You first, young man! Come here!” I had never seen another boy get a spanking, so part of me was fascinated, even though most of me was close to wetting my pants with fear.

Glyn approached her, and the next shock came when Miss Preece reached for the zip of his pants and quickly took them down. “Please…” came faintly from Glyn’s lips but Miss Preece took no notice at all and yanked down his pants and underwear in one go, revealing his bottom, which was stark white against the rest of his tanned body. Then over her knee he went, and she put that spoon to good use. Glyn’s butt was thoroughly given its own kind of tan, and he cried freely as it was done.

He was let up, rubbing tears from his eyes, and Miss Preece got up slightly and pulled me to her next. The embarrassment of her baring my bottom when I was a ‘big boy’ was crushing. Then I found myself in that familiar childhood position, staring at the carpet, as she landed whack after whack on my naked backside. Before taking my turn, I had been determined that I wouldn’t cry but all thoughts of that left me after about the first half dozen licks.

“Pull your pants up, boys,” she finally said, and we were glad to do so. Miss Preece got a box of tissues and dried our eyes for us like two naughty toddlers. Then she looked more kindly at us. “Right – you have had your punishment and we won’t say anything more about it, not even to your parents, all right? I know you love Sam, and you are welcome to take him for a walk sometimes, but only if you ask me first and I know where you’re going with him. Is that all clear?”

We both nodded – the heat still rising from our butts made it abundantly clear.

Contributor: Derek

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