Signing up for a spanking

One of my more memorable spankings came in seventh grade. I was struggling with my math class (pre-algebra) – Mom knew this and made sure I was doing all of the practice tests and workbooks.

The Sunday before I had a full exam, she asked me if I had been studying and if I thought I was sufficiently prepared. I lied and said I had, but the truth was I had screwed around the whole weekend and never opened my workbook.

I failed the test pretty badly and had to bring the paper home for mom to sign. I knew I would be in major trouble because clearly I had not prepared. I decided to forge – or attempt to forge – her name on the paper. On Tuesday, my teacher gave me a ‘nice try’ look when I handed it back to her.

Unbeknownst to me, she called my mom at lunch and told her what I had done. When I came home from school, my mother confronted me and I was forced to confess everything. She sent me upstairs to change and bring down the paddle.

While my brother and sister sat at the kitchen table and did homework, I had to pull down my pants and go over mom’s knee for a healthy dose of the paddle, followed by corner time bare bottom.

About 20 minutes later she went upstairs, came down and called me out of the corner. She held the strap in her hand, which we always got for lying.

First, she made me hold out my right palm and she took a piece of the strap and gave me six licks for forging her name. Then I had to bend over and grab the seat of the kitchen chair while she gave me a dozen licks across my bare butt with the strap for lying to her.

I was finally banished to the corner – but not before she took out a small bar of soap and had me hold it between my teeth.

Contributor: David

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