Sore bottom for a thief

This is the story of how I earned my last spanking – or, to be precise, spankings. The trouble began when my friend Penny and I went to the mall one day.

We began by looking at some of the clothes on sale. They were lovely but at 13 years old, too expensive for us to afford. I did then find some nice sunglasses. Just one problem – the price was 20 dollars and I only had 15. So, full of the folly of youth, I thought I’d shoplift them.

I stuck the sunglasses in my pocket but they must have had a security tag on them, because as we strode out of the shop, the alarm went off and we were caught. Since I was the only one who had stolen something, Penny was allowed to leave, but I was taken to an office in the back of the shop.

The police were called. They eventually showed up and had a chat with the shop owner. In view of my young age, the relatively low value of the stolen item and the fact I had no previous record, the owner kindly decided not to press charges. The police decided to just take me home and have a talk with my mom.

When we got there Mom was surprised (to say the least!) to see me accompanied by two police officers. We all went into the living room and Mom was informed about what had happened. Mom was in shock but assured the police that we would be ‘having a talk’ about what I’d done and it would not happen again

Once the police had departed, Mom sent me to my room and ordered me to get ready for bed, even though it was only three in the afternoon. Having dismissed me, she went into the garde and cut a switch, then came up to my bedroom with it in her hand.

Mom gave me a thorough scolding for what I’d done and told me I was going to get the whipping of a lifetime. She ordered me to bend over the bed, then pulled down my pyjama pants and my panties. Then she went to work on my bottom with that wicked switch.

I can assure you that I was soon in tears. I got double my age in strokes and my bottom was so hot and so, it was unbearable.

With my flaming bottom still bare, Mom gave me a hug and rubbed my sore behind. She assured me that she still loved me, even though she had to spank me. Then she added: “Stay in your room until dinner. Your father and I need to talk about your misbehaviour.”

Things went from bad to worse at dinner. First, I was grounded for the remainder of that week and the two following. Furthermore, it had been decided that I would get a bedtime spanking from my dad every night for the rest of the week to ensure I learned my lesson.

So for the next four nights, I would again be sent to get ready for bed, then dad would come up, take me over his knee and gave me a bare bottom spanking like a little girl. He only used his hand but he had a hard one and these extra punishments made me cry a lot.

I don’t begrudge the penalties my parents imposed. The sore bottoms taught me a valuable lesson in honesty and I have never stolen anything since that fateful day in the mall.

Contributor: Anne

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