Biting back

I love your website! I’m 35 years old and have one daughter, who has just turned nine. Even though corporal punishment is not that common in our part of the world, spanking is definitely part of the way I raise my daughter.

The first spanking I remember getting myself as a girl was from my mom was when I was six. I had a problem with biting and was often sent home from play dates for attacking other children because I hadn’t got my way over something.

Needless to say, such behaviour didn’t go down well with my mother. When I had bitten another kid for the third time in a week, Mom decided she had had enough and sent me to my room.

She came in to see me shortly afterwards. She sat on my bed and scolded me soundly about my biting. She made clear just how wrong it was – and because of how wrong it was, she said, I was going to get a spanking.

Mom told me later in life that this wasn’t my first experience of corporal punishment but it is certainly the first spanking I remember getting. I cried hard and tried to evade the punishment but at that age, it was not hard for Mom to control me, pick me up and put me firmly over her lap.

She raised her hand and spanked me hard, at first just over my dress. After some time, she turned my dress up and spanked me on the seat of my panties. Finally, she pulled my underwear down to finish the spanking on my bare (and by now very red and sore) bottom.

After the spanking, I was sent to the corner for a little while. Once I had stopped crying, Mom called me back to her. I thought my punishment was over – it was not.

Mom gave me another short lecture about biting. Then she said: “You know, biting hurts.” Saying that, she took my arm, raised it to her mouth and bit me herself. I screamed and cried with the pain. Mom pointed to the marks her teeth had left on my arm and said: “Now, that hurt didn’t it? How do you like that being done to you?” You can guess my answer.

She added: “Every time you bite someone, I will spank you and bite you again.” Then her face became softer and she said: “You know, Sarah, I only punish you to teach you right from wrong, and because I love you.”

I wish I could say that this was the end of my behaviour but there were three or four more occasions when Mom had to spank and bite me before she won the battle and her little girl finally learned her lesson.

Contributor: Sarah

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