A doubly good hiding

Some of you may have already read my contribution to the Mothers Talking series – I’d like now to tell you about the discipline I was subject to myself as a girl.

While I was growing up, I was subject to frequent spankings from both my parents, mostly over the knee with my knickers down. 

When I was in junior school, after one lesson where I had misbehaved (I had been talking throughout, despite several warnings), I was taken into a private room by my female teacher. She put me over her knee for a spanking. She spanked me just with her hand on the seat of my skirt, but it did sting. I was six years old at the time.

The following year, I had almost exactly the same experience, again for talking in class – but this time it was administered by a male teacher. Thankfully, neither of these spankings were reported to my parents. 

Some years later, when I was 14 to be exact, I slipped out of school one Friday afternoon at break time. I wandered around parks and in places where I was fairly sure I would not be recognised or spotted. I stayed out for most of the rest of that day, only sneaking back in 10 minutes before the end of school. However, on entering the school I was spotted and brought to the headmistress. 

She told me that what I had done was a serious offence. She said I would be spanked and an entry would go into the punishment book. She duly put me over her knee, then smacked me hard a number of times, once again on the seat of my skirt with her hand. 

The number of smacks is difficult to remember now but it was quite a few, and made my bottom really sore.  After the smacking, I was tearful and told to go. Unfortunately, my mum was subsequently called (as was the practice) to inform her of the spanking I had received in school. 

So while I was walking home, already in some discomfort, I was unaware that my mum had been notified and of the doom which awaited me. 

My plan had been to go straight to my room and lie down on my tummy to ease the discomfort of my sore bottom, without Mum knowing why. 

However, upon arrival at home, I was confronted with the news that school had called. I was told I had disgraced my parents and was taken straight upstairs to my mum’s room. 

In this room was a dressing table with a mirror, accompanied by a stool. Mum pulled the latter out from the dressing table and sat down on it, pulling me towards her. I knew I was in for what Mum called ‘a damn good hiding’.

The hairbrush was taken off her dressing table and my knickers were pulled down.  I was pulled across Mum’s knee and my skirt was pulled back. 

Mum commented on the redness of my bottom. She said I had obviously been well spanked at school and it was probably sore, but she was going to me make redder and sorer still.

She raised the hairbrush and walloped my bottom so many times that the existing soreness from the first spanking became one serious pain once the hairbrush was used, and I was howling very shortly after it started. 

I was still sitting very uncomfortably for the whole of the next day. However, the punishments did their job – I never went out of school again.

Contributor: Mary

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