Wetting our pants

The following conversation was found somewhere on the web some years ago – a group of now young women discussing memories of getting their bottoms spanked for wetting their pants.

Amy: When I was in kindergarten, we had to line up outside after lunch. When we were about to go in, I had to pee really bad. I couldn’t hold it, so I wet my pants.

The boys next to me were laughing at me – I didn’t tell the teacher because i was afraid the other children would laugh at me. When I sat down, I didn’t let my skirt touch the seat because it was all sticky and wet. A few people peeked under my skirt and said my underwear was really yellow.

When I got home, I didn’t want to tell my mom at first because I was afraid she’d spank me, so I told her I fell in a puddle of water. She asked me why my underwear was yellow and why I had peed in my pants. I told her I had to go but the teacher wasn’t there.

She didn’t believe me, slapped me a few times on my covered bottom and sent me to my room. I cried in there all afternoon. At night, when I was about to sleep, Mom came in my room and spanked me with my pants down, saying I shouldn’t have lied to her. I asked my mom about the incident later in life, and she said she was really angry with me that time.

Kathy: I was about four and being looked after by a babysitter, who for some reason was really annoyed with me. Later, I wet my pants and she spanked me on my bare bottom. When my mom came home, the sitter told her about me wetting myself and Mom spanked me again, all the while yelling at me.

Yun: I remember wetting the bed in nursery school during nap time when i was about two years old. I was spanked on my bare bottom afterwards and I cried all afternoon. I was spanked with my diaper pulled down in front of everyone.

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